3 Industries That Benefit From Using Digital Signage

Generally, how you advertise your business plays a substantial role in determining how successful your business is going to be. After all, if people don’t know about you and won’t feel comfortable engaging with you, then it is going to be challenging to build a customer base.

For all types of businesses, digital signage is a brilliant and cost-effective marketing tool because it enhances communication between you and your target customers, increases sales opportunities and builds brand awareness, all while being easily customizable and efficient.

Digital Signage

For a more thorough look at the benefits and applications of this technology, read on for three places that benefit significantly from using digital signage.

1. Property Development

At the end of the day, when you are involved with any property development, you want to be making sure that you are taking the appropriate steps to make it stand out from the crowd. After all, this is an industry where it can be difficult to arrange the necessary amount of media coverage you require. For this reason, consultants, architects, and property developers alike are recognizing the benefits of installing digital signage.

In property development, it is essential to have a signage system that welcomes visitors to your brand and excites them for what is to come, while also providing them with the practical information that is required for them to navigate the area.

Property Development

Also, it can’t be overstated how convenient and efficient it is to update this type of signage. In fact, the display can be managed remotely and updated with only a few clicks. This is a far cry from marketing efforts from the years gone by when you would have to spend far more time and energy updating your message. Plus, digital signage is like an ongoing marketing campaign in itself that is working to reach potential customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

2. Hotels

The best digital signage exposes your business to a broader target market and functions as a constant advertisement. For this reason, in addition to being practical, digital signage should also be considered an integral part of your firm’s marketing strategy. Just as with all of these aspects, the digital signage must work to present a cohesive brand strategy.

In a hotel, you want the digital signage design to fit the character of the prestigious space it represents. After all, plenty of potential guests will notice (and like) a digital sign and then look more into booking a stay.

This is particularly important if you are placing the digital signage in a different location, such as an airport or busy expressway, away from your place of business. This way, you are likely to reach different types of prospects and ensure you are creating opportunities for organic consumer experiences.


If the goal is to immerse customers in your brand entirely, then you need to think outside the box. For starters, you can achieve this by thoughtfully locating digital signs and being discerning concerning the content that is displayed.

3. Malls

By implementing digital signage systems, you are influencing customer behavior by devising and innovatively unveiling your offerings, which, in turn, can increase awareness, encourage sales and boost profit margins.

It also offers another option for monetization as it opens up the possibility for generating additional funds through third party advertisers who want to utilize your digital signage to attract more viewers. In a place like a mall, this generally means stores within the mall who want to expand their marketing reach.


No matter where digital signage is used, one of its main purposes is to transform the area into a working system upon which individuals can depend. For example, mall digital signage needs to work to increase the circulation of shoppers in quiet areas and inspire mall-goers to move around with ease. This, then, can help them maintain a desire to discover more and keep shopping in the audience.

To be able to create an effective digital signage system, it is best to work with one of the top digital signage companies in Dubai (or wherever you reside) as they will be able to assist you in determining your communication needs.

Does your business utilize digital signage? If so, what benefits have you noticed?

If not, what is stopping you from implementing it?

Let us know your thoughts and experiences concerning this topic in the comments below!


Zak Zakaria is a Waymaker at dezigntechnic in Dubai who also previously worked as the company’s Graphic Designer and Art Director. Zak is a creative with work experience in multiple multinational agencies such as JWT and Saatchi & Saatchi. Signage design is a family business, making Zak’s personal experience with signage his longest professional commitment.