Anarkali Gown Vs Anarkali Suits

Anarkali dresses have a long history and the invention and popularity of the dresses go back to the Mughal Era. The dresses are usually long and touch the ankle of the wearer although sometimes the length can differ.

Anarkali, the infamous love of Mughal Emperor Jahangir was a court dancer who used to wear this style. The dress resembles a frock style with loads of layers of fabric to give the dress volume. The bottom of the dress usually has tight skinny long leggings or churipas. Now with modern touches and styling other than Anarkali suits, Anarkali gowns are also available. Anarkali dresses can be worn on many occasions. also check our guide for best maternity dresses for weddings

All About Anarkali Gowns

Anarkali Gowns resemble the upper part of an Anarkali suit. The only difference is that the gown can be worn without bottom clothing like leggings or churipas. The gowns are usually floor length and have more volume than a suite. The layering of the fabric is done in a more meticulous way to make both the western and the eastern style meet. The cuts and the fit of the Anarkali gown are perfectly symmetrical to that of western frock style gowns. You can find many gowns online that are styled in a chic manner to meet your fusion wear demands. You can opt to carry a dupatta or a scarf with the gown if you want.

All About Anarkali Suits

Women from around the world wear suits on a regular basis. Suits are easy to wear and also give a lot of free room for agile body movements. There are different types of suits and Anarkali suit is one of the most preferred suits because of its stylish look and comfortable fit. Suits are also worn at important festivals and events by women of all age group. Anarkali suits come in different varieties. Some suits are short in length while others are ankle length. If you are searching for a mid-length Anarkali suit, you can now easily find it at several online stores. Anarkali suits are worn with a dupatta and a churipa and often accessorized with traditional jewelry or funky earrings. You can put the dupatta over your neck or pin it up in a traditional way. You can also tie the ends of the dupatta on your wrists and put it around your back. This gives your Anarkali suit an elegant look with a subtle twist.

Comparing Anarkali Gowns with Anarkali Suits

The comparison between both the Anarkali dresses has drawn a lot of attention towards the similarities and the differences between Anarkali gowns and Anarkali suits. According to folklore, the dress signifies a vestal woman who is as innocent and chaste as the small flower bud of the pomegranate fruit. The gowns make both eastern traditional and western funky style meet and create wonders. The suits still uphold the customary traditional designs. Both the dresses can be worn at all kinds of occasions. Gowns are usually opted by younger women while suits are popular with both the elders and the youngsters. The cost of the dresses depends on the layers of fabric, the material of the cloth as well as the style and design of the ensemble. You can choose to wear any of the dress at different occasion although suits are more popular at weddings and traditional ceremonies and rituals. Gowns are perfect for an evening of dance and party. Often in many engagement ceremonies, Anarkali gowns are worn instead of Anarkali suits.

Style up your traditional wear with Anarkali dresses in this season of festivals and happiness. Both kinds of dresses are available only so all you need to do is to pick the one you like and get it delivered to you.