Delhi to Agra – A one Day Guide

Agra and Delhi the 2 lands which have been the centerpiece for the Mughal History or you can say the whole Mughal History has revolved around the 2 cities. The connection between both cities is untied with historical references of being the capital of India under different rulers. But one thing remains common, the architecture which both of the city boasts like the Agra Fort and the Red Fort both have similar architecture inspiration.

The no. of people which commute daily from Delhi to Agra is uncountable which to this day has developed Agra alongside Delhi and because of the tourist flocking from Delhi to Agra on a daily basis the government has been continuously trying to improve the tourist experience by building clean and good Highways and superfast train to reach Agra under less and less time on a daily basis.

How to visit

Since this is a one day guide I will advise you to start very early in the morning around 5-6 although it does not’ take much time to reach Agra so you can also leave around 8-9.

By Bus: This is probably the most chosen option by many tourists but there are many-many buses from Delhi to Agra which go under every 5-minutes. To catch a bus you have to visit Kashmiri Gate ISBT or Anand Vihar ISBT or Nizamuddin railway station. Spoilt with choices people like to chose the Volvo bus which cost anything around 350-500.

By Train: Gatiman Express is the latest Railway which has been launched by the government which will drop you at Agra under 1 and a half hour and this is the fastest option to reach Agra. It leaves around 8:30 from New Delhi Railway Station.

Where to visit

This is more than just a normal description but if you are visiting Agra for a day trip directly commute to Taj Mahal first because as the time grows Taj Mahal receives more and more crowd hour by hour. So first try to reach Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Come, Walk on the pathway beside the reflective pool with fountains up to the sepulcher crafted in soft & pure marble and bejeweled with semi-precious stones, wherever within the serenity of paradise rests the Queen in peace together with her King. come back to unfold the pages from the past to churn the charm out of its aura associate degreed enrich your imagination regarding this marvel of an epic in stone, The Taj! The grace of perfection of proportions and grandeur of geometrical patterns of well-appointed gardens enhancing the poise of the total complicated along add magnificence to the delicacy of this mance of affection, dedication, and purity, ‘The Taj’!  Come take a read the heroic tale of ‘The Taj’, culled out from no fiction however facts and unroll a heroic tale, that is ready out of nothing however pure love!

Beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder! in all probability for the mausoleum, the axiom is simply the opposite approach spherical. The Taj is that the beauty personified! The Taj displays its completely different moods through its varied shades. The Taj has as several shades as any reasonable beauty will ever have! The Taj is pink within the morning, milklike white within the evening, golden once the moon shines and also the negotiator variants throughout {different|totally completely different|completely different} hours of the day and through different seasons in a very year.

Agra Fort

Agra Fort was inbuilt the year 1573 underneath the reign of Akbar – one in all the best Mughal Emperors. It took quite 4000 employees and eight years of hardship to finish the fort. Knowing the importance of its location, Akbar engineered the fort to form it the most residents of the Mughals. The fort remained because of the main residence of the emperor’s happiness to the Mughal kinsfolk till the year 1638. The fort homes various spectacular structures just like the Jahangir Mahal, Khas Mahal, Diwan-i-Khass, Diwan-i-Am, Machchhi Bhawan and Moti house of God. In 1638, the capital of the Mughal kinsfolk was emotional from urban center to urban center, inflicting the urban center Fort to lose its standing because of the main residence of the Mughal emperors. The fort is separated from its sister monument mausoleum by simply two.5 kilometers. typically delineate because of the walled town. Today, the fort may be a major traveler spot and attracts several tourists from everywhere the globe.

With both of The Agra Fort and Taj Mahal, you have visited the 2 most prominent and popular architecture in the history of India and there is nothing like visiting a city like Agra with 2 of the most visited monuments in our country.

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