Here’s How Office 365 Training and Certification will Empower IT Staff in 2019

As the IT industry is constantly evolving and growing, organizations need more than ever, to be aware of new changes and adopt them in due time to keep their business afloat. To remain at the top of their game and deal with the modifications in the digital landscape, enterprises should adopt Office 365 Training and make sure that they are not left behind.

Office 365 Training

Having emerged as a software giant and giving its competitors a tough time, Microsoft has proven to be a market leader, providing its customers with outstanding services and products as per the needs of that time. In no time, Microsoft has made its mark in the field of IT, offering the most reliable of cloud computing services worldwide.

Office 365 is an indispensable web-based version of Microsoft Office. Office 365 comprises of various apps and services created to facilitate you in growing and regenerating your business. Some of its applications which professionals swear by, include Skype, Exchange, and OneDrive. One plus point that makes Office 365 the first choice of businesses is the availability of monthly feature updates.

By using Office 365, your team members can enjoy their creativity and productivity and increase their competence as well as performance, achieving all business targets of your enterprise, successfully.

A Comparative Overview Of Office 365 And Office 2019

The most recently launched version of Microsoft Office by software giant is Office 2019. The previous version was released in the market 3 years ago in 2016. Office 2019 is considered as the best choice by experts for being used as office software in business enterprises which are still apprehensive about shifting their operations to the cloud.

It is important to note that it is dissimilar to Office 365 in a way as it is a product for which, a subscription on a monthly basis is not needed. You only need to make the initial purchase. You are simply required to purchase the suite and go ahead with the installation. This suite does not provide regular feature upgrading free of cost. You will be required to make separate payments to update the suite, unlike Office 365.

Comparatively, Office 365 offers regular updates for its software automatically, which is free of cost. Traditionally, new versions of these programs can be run only by buying a new license altogether.

Office 365 Training ForEmpowering Staff In 2019

Office 365 is a web-based version of the standard Microsoft Office software. Various organizations are slowly taking up to Office 365 to execute their office tasks as it saves a lot of time and is also considered by experts as a safer option. Moreover, you can use all its applications through several devices at the same time. However, it is important to know that you have to first make a payment for the subscription fee every month so that you can benefit from its services which offer more AI features, digital tools as well as apps. Apart from that, it provides many other advantages which are considered crucial to empower your staff and get an anchorage in the constantly evolving field of IT.

Beneficial Features

Facing tough competition by its counterpart, Gmail, Microsoft has worked quite hard to be back in the game and claim supremacy in the field of IT. With the G Suite having a strong presence in the IT market by launching its range of varied products and services, Microsoft has strived to make its mark in the market and has managed to win back the loyalty of its clients lately.

Office 365 Training

To defeat Gmail Suite as the number one choice of various organizations, Microsoft has made significant changes and modifications in Office 365. Also, it has provided its users with a familiar interface. Some of the more prominent and popular features that users of Office 365 swear by are believed to be email and calendar by Outlook. These features provide exceptional benefits to its users.

Adaptability And Versatility

Office 365 is also considered by experts to be extremely flexible. You can modify and customize it as per the needs and requirements of your organization. Unlike any traditional office suite, having a fixed limit of programming for you to use, experts find Office 365 as highly versatile as well as adaptable.

Enhancing Task Performance

To ensure that your team keeps abreast of the latest developments in the field of IT, it is essential that you provide your team training in Office 365. This will allow you to keep your employees well equipped to enhance their task performance and contribute to the enterprise more effectively. In case you have limited funds for training,Microsoft Office 365 boot camp is the ideal choice for you.

It provides you knowledge of various IT skills in very little time. With the help of Office 365 training, you can empower your IT staff by facilitating them to take advantage of Office 365 applications and services.

Facilitates User-Mobility

You can easily operate Office 365 through the internet. That makes it quite easy and convenient to use any information and gain access to important and official data etc. even while you are on the go. Office 365 does not restrict you to the confines of your workplace and facilitates user-mobility. You may effortlessly gain access to important data in your account through various gadgets and devices simultaneously. You only need an authorized password. In case your organization has not yet migrated to the cloud, that does not hinder your gaining access to your account.


Office 365 has won back its clients due to being cost-effective and economical. Several companies and organizations are opting for Office 365 since it gives you the convenience to make payments for those apps only which they intend to use, instead of burdening them with the cost of the complete suite. This enables small-scale businesses and startups to invest in Office 365 training for its staff and migrate to the cloud without being burdened financially.

Therefore, Office 365 Training and Certification will undoubtedly help you empower your  IT staff in 2019 in several ways. With the constant emergence of small-scale enterprises, Office 365 can prove to be beneficial for IT staff as it is remarkably cost-effective.