How does Cosmetic Surgery Help Improve Self-Esteem?

Every person, irrespective of the gender, is really concerned about the looks. Nowadays, a lot of people are taking cosmetic enhancement services to look young and to have perfect features in their body. As per a lot of studies, these cosmetic procedures are offering immense happiness to the people, and are in fact improving their self-esteem. There are many extensive procedures for almost all body parts, such as facelift, rhinoplasty, butt augmentation, and lots more. These procedures though are done for a physical well being, there is a lot of pressure on psychological aspects too. Nonetheless, there are bad outcomes too which result in unsatisfied people.

Cosmetic Surgery

High demand for cosmetic surgery

With technological advancement and people’s needs for cosmetic enhancement, there has been increased demand for cosmetic surgery. As per the statistics by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there has been a rise of 119%. Only in the year 1999, there have been 4.6 million procedures done. Some of the major enhancements included chemical peels, laser hair removal, sclerotherapy, collagen injection, facelifts, breast reductions, breast augmentation, and also botulinum toxin A injection. All these procedures were performed by different cosmetic physicians, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists.

Most of the people who are going for cosmetic procedures have a notion in their mind that these would improve their self-esteem, improve their mood, and also enhance their confidence. And, as per certain studies over a period of time, it has been proved that these procedures have really brought certain psychosocial improvements in many people.

Why are cosmetic surgeries considered good?


Based on certain experiments, studies, and cases, a lot of people have experienced good results and they have felt much better about cosmetic surgeries. This has been experienced more with a treatment called a reduction mammoplasty which has given improved results such as – the quality of life, and self-worth. Most of the studies performed have shown certain methodological limitations as well, even though the results have been more towards the positive side. In addition to this, plastic surgery has made people not only attractive but also gave them the courage to move to the outside world.

There is one study which has shown positive effects of cosmetic enhancement with regards to social phobia, anxiety, goal attainment, self-efficacy, depression, and even life satisfaction. On the other hand, there were some unsatisfactory results too, however that depended on patients and the kind of surgery they have used. For instance, reduction or breast augmentation has been associated to trigger emotionally positive results such as improved confidence. However, certain treatments such as facelifts have not given the expected results. We can see a series of mixed results. However, the inclination is more towards the positive sides.

There is one interesting positive effect with respect to cosmetic surgery. It is that in certain cases where the body fat is more, it is reduced through augmentation procedures.  For instance, the excessive fat from one region can be inserted in areas such as the button region. This kind of procedure is termed as buttock augmentation.

What is buttock augmentation?

This is one of the most common and popular procedures performed under cosmetic surgeries not only in one or two countries but actually in most parts of the world. The procedure of butt augmentation is also known as Brazilian but lift, a treatment by which more amount of fat is taken out and injected to the buttock region. This kind of treatment also includes a process called liposuction which sees that the patient gets perfect contour and shape.

In addition to this, the excess fat is taken from areas such as the outer hip, abdomen, love handles, and inner thighs. This treatment has to be done by experienced professionals as the outcome has to be nothing less than perfect matching the existing shape of the body.

How to find the right professional?

One of the best ways is to perform thorough research on well-known surgeons and cosmetic professionals. Also, going through their past profiles and cases will make you understand the quality work of the person whom you have chosen. Also, go with the surgery only if it is really required for you. Take consultations from counselors, dermatologists, and cosmetic professionals before any step.