How has urbanization affected India?

With the advancement of new technology and growing job opportunity, India has turned from rural to the urban village. With the increasing urbanization comes the requirement for housing facility that can be home for an increasing population. The increasing number of settlement especially in the metro cities of India has made the situation more vivid. There is an increasing number of a shift from rural to urban areas every year. This has resulted in less space for housing facility, therefore increasing the cost of living space in urban areas.

Every requirement brings a person to the nearest city, such as hospitalization, education, a better life, and job opportunities. Space constraints have been an issue lately for metro cities, especially in India. A few renowned engineering consulting firms in India have come up with ideas that will solve the problem of over-crowding and availability of residential space in the cities of India.

  • Multi-stored buildings- Irrespective of growing laterally, it is preferred to grow in length. These days we can find many skyscrapers in and around the city as this leads to save space and provide a maximum number of residential space to a larger number of families. These days one can easily find even government housing societies adopting such an engineering system.
  • Efficient use of space- Due to increasing urbanization it is important to use the available space efficiently. This means the construction engineering firms plan their layout to make it the most productive yet spacious. This can result in a more useful layout of a plan to provide a better living facility for the dwellers. Space management has become essential to mitigate extra cost burden as land has become one of the most expensive fixed assets especially in a country like India where the population is at the rise with limited land resources.
  • Finding an alternative- As a city or a place cannot be stretched beyond its limits, the construction companies have found out new ways to grow around the city. This means after the exhaustion of land resources within a particular city, new residential projects are built around the city at a minimum distance that diminishes the load on the main city. This has been a great idea as we can witness ‘Navi Mumbai’ which is a havoc residential space figured out at the outskirts of Mumbai and is well connected to the city and Pune. It is built at a juncture of Mumba and Pune which has been home to many residents who have decided to move to Mumbai for their personal needs. This has also helped the customers to buy a house at a comparatively lower price as these housing societies are at a distance from the main city yet connected with the city.

The expansion policies of the engineering consulting firms in India have been a boon to the society as people can cow but house in urban areas at a relatively lower cost yet connected to the city at a convenient distance.

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