How Laser Treatment Can Be Best Solution For Piles

It is often assumed that greater the ailment is, more harrowing is the treatment. However, one of the main focus of the advancement of technology in the healthcare sector is to bring ease of treatment and quickness in the availability of the same.

One of the most alarming conditions that demanded attention was piles and with the advent of laser treatment, a lot about piles has found a solution. Laser treatment is often seen as a dreaded option, the last resort but in all honesty, the treatment is quite underrated and brings quicker ease to the patient. Rather than medications for weeks and months, laser requires one sitting and the time span for recovery is shorter too.

How Laser Treatment Can Be Best Solution For Piles

But before gauging deeper into the treatment, it’s important to learn the thick and thin of the ailment as well. Piles, clinically also known as hemorrhoids, are a set of tissues in the anal area that develop swelling and inflammation. There are two types of piles- internal and external. While internal piles occur between 2 cm to 4 cm above the opening, external piles are the ones that form lumps outside the edge of the anus. Both being equally painful, especially, during the passing of the stool and bowel movements, are divided between Grade I to Grade IV depending on the intensity of the ailment.

Laser treatment, the conventional way of treating piles is usually taken up at Grade II. However, this does not mean that all hemorrhoids patient can get themselves treated through laser indiscriminately. A proper diagnosis and skilled doctors are required to help patients throughout the process. There is a change in diet and lifestyle habits recommended by doctors too. But for patients with the prolonged issue of piles, laser therapy is one of the best solutions to look forward to.

How Laser Treatment Can Be Best Solution For Piles

Here are 7 reasons why laser piles treatment is considered a man’s boon. Take the guide:

  1. Efficient: There’s no denying the fact that laser treatment is an effective and efficient way of treating piles. It is a suitable option not just for patients but highly recommended by doctors as well because it eliminates the troubles of prolonged treatment.
  2. Short Treatment Span: Being an efficient mode of treatment also accounts for the fact that the time span of the treatment is lesser than home treatments, medications and surgeries. It usually takes a few minutes and the patient is discharged just in a day.
  3. Short Recovery Time

After the laser piles treatment, the patient just needs to take a few precautions for one to two days and can resume normal day to day activities after the given span.

  1. Less Pain

The laser therapy is a painless procedure. Since, there are not cutting instruments involved, it does less tissue damage  and the patient doesn’t necessarily require anesthesia or sedation as well during the process.

  1. Less Strictures

There are comparatively fewer restrictions on lifestyle and diet when it comes to laser therapy. The patient can enjoy a healthy lifestyle only after a couple of days of the treatment.

  1. Less Probability of Recurrence

The laser treatment is a precise and conventional treatment which helps remove most of the hemorrhoids. It is taken up so that the ailment is treated once and for all and does not occur again.

  1. Better Success Rate

Laser treatment is done using the laser energy where hemorrhoids are vaporized using the beam. The beam being small provides a good view of the hemorrhoids and does not harm to the surrounding muscles.

There are several myths attached to the laser piles treatment mainly because it involves advanced scientific treatment methods that are not commonly understood. Therefore, given a healthy lifestyle and skilled treatment procedure, laser treatment for piles is one of the best solutions to go for. However, discuss all the options with your physician to find the best fit for the ailment.