How Long Does It Take To Replace Garage Door Springs?

While garage doors come in many styles, most of them have one thing in common: they weigh a lot! The springs that are attached to the doors offset that bulk. Besides that, they allow the garage door to be opened and closed. Do it by hand or use an automatic garage door opener to do it, the springs make it easier. Therefore, when the springs stop functioning optimally, it is time to replace them.

Replace Garage Door Springs

Though you might think that you can replace the spring on your own, the job might be a lot more dangerous than you imagined. While replacing the spring may not seem very technical, the fact is that only a professional company should attempt the job to remain safe. Since most garage doors now have torsion springs, they should only be replaced by an expert. These springs are under extreme tension!

Still, it is essential to remain educated, so you don’t just hire anyone. Here’s some important information about garage door spring replacement:

Types of springs

Still, it is essential to remain educated, so you don’t just hire anyone. Here’s some important information about garage door spring replacement:It is likely that your garage door salesperson informed you of this during your purchase. But if you can’t recall it, let us refresh your memory. Most residential garage doors are supported by either torsion springsor extension ones. The life of either kind of spring is measured in cycles. One cycle consists of the garage door opening and then closing.

When you need a heavy-duty product that lasts for much longer, you should choose torsion springs. Torsion springs provide extra lifting power when your garage door is up. They also help the motor save some energy.Look at the old one installed in your garage door. You’ll find a metal rod running parallel to the door’s opening. The spring would be mounted onit.Torsion springs come in many varieties, such as 10,000 and 20,000 cycle types.

Does your garage door have an extension spring instead? Extension springs are used to counterbalance the weight of your garage door as it raises or lowers.Look for a spring that runs perpendicular to the door. You will find it mounted over the horizontal part of the door tracks. Extension springs are long and of lighter-weight. They are made safer to use with the installation of a safety cable. Some old garage doors may not have one. We’d recommend that you get one installed.

While extension springs do the job, we advise all our customers to choose torsion springs since they are more durable.

Garage door spring basics

If you are attempting to install the springs yourself, here are some basics to keep in mind:

  • Your springs are part of the whole garage door ensemble. They are essential because they make it easier to open and lower your door.
  • Most springs are built to last for a long time. Even so, they require maintenance and looking after. For instance, oiling them may prolong the lifespan of your springs.
  • After a certain number of uses, a spring will break down, and you must replace it by calling in Local Garage Door Repair
  • Out of all the parts of your garage door, the springs are the most likely ones to break. You will know they need to be replaced when your door begins malfunctioning
  • On average, a garage door spring may cost you around $20-$30. The cost of installation is additional and will vary for different garage door companies. Besides the company, the extent of labor required in spring replacement will also influence the cost.

Still, it is essential to remain educated, so you don’t just hire anyone. Here’s some important information about garage door spring replacement:

Signs that show your garage door springs need replacement

As mentioned below, the lifespan of spring is mentioned in terms of cycles. A pair of torsion springs that have a life of 10,000 cycles may keep functioning for 6 to 10 years. Of course, how often you use them will determine how long they last. A garage door spring that needs replacement is easy to identify. It will just snap in half. Or, you may not see any visible signs except that your garage door stops working altogether. Besides that, garage doors that won’t stay open — even when it is entirely up — may also indicate a faulty spring.

The time it takes for garage door spring replacement

It can take a professional close to an hour to change both springs in your garage door.

Finally, remember that all the parts of your garage door should run smoothly and support each other. For instance, when your springs malfunctioned, the automatic garage door opener probably strained to make up for it. Consequently, it may have become worn out and less effective. We’d suggest having the garage door pros take a look at it. They may advise you to replace the opener too!