How technology addiction can cause issues for teens?

Are teens addicted to the internet?

We believe answering this question was no rocket science.

Every parent reading this article is already guilty about their teen’s internet rage. So yes, today’s teenagers are in dire need of internet addiction help. You can secure teens by adopting the right methodologies of digital parenting by teaching online citizenship and using parental control apps for stringent measures.

For the few clueless parents who are yet to diagnose their child’s addiction, there are several websites on the internet offering internet addiction test. These psychometric tests help in self-assessment of your kid’s addiction. Questionnaires involve questions like whether you lose track of time, or find it challenging to stay away from the internet. Your kids can attempt these questions and inform you about their internet addiction.

What are the causes of Internet Addiction?

The world wide web was first introduced to your teen by their computer teacher. No, do not hold them as the culprit for addiction but education plays a vital role in spreading the importance of the online world and how it makes our life comfortable.

Even though education is not the root cause but the paradigm shifts in our education methods from a traditional paper pen type to a technology dominated system is partially responsible for the internet’s significance in our life.

So, there is no denying that the internet is an integral part of a kid’s life and accomplishes several tasks in a shorter time yet the reasons for the addiction are slightly different.

Five causes which lead to internet addiction

  1. Lack of emotional support

Kids suffering from crisis or trauma, take refuge on the internet when there is no emotional support at home. Let’s take the example of a kid whose parents are getting divorced. Such kids find peace and sanity in the online world which they believe has no audience to judge or question them.

  1. Ignored by parents

According to many experts, unintentional ignorance by parents is one of the primary reasons behind kids’ addiction to the digital world.

Majority of the parents, working in the corporate world hardly get to spare time for their families, resulting in the compromised and poor upbringing of the kids. And consequently, kids switch to the internet for more entertainment and drama.

  1. Peer pressure for online footprint

Many teenagers face peer pressure for being an online sensation. Everyone needs to exist on social media and post controversial or humorous contents (because that’s when you are socially accepted). Clearly, that’s not the case, but off late this is the trend with teenagers.

  1. Easily available content

Who doesn’t prefer easy? Everyone wants life to serve them on a silver platter and so do the teenagers.

The Internet has revolutionized information search, and it is hardly a matter of few seconds and Boom! Your data is ready. When your school project or the new albums are available on the internet at no extra cost why wouldn’t kids prefer to spend time on the web?

  1. Introvert teens

Teens who are overly shy and do not open up easily are easy targets of internet addiction. Especially when you leave an introvert in a room full of extrovert’s internet turns out to be their best friend.

What are the signs of internet addiction?

Parents and teachers are the best judges of kid’s online addiction. We urge parents to keep a close watch on their teenagers because it is the teenagers who are vulnerable to heavy internet addiction.

Here are seven key signs to look for internet addiction in your teenagers:

  1. Restlessness– Check if your teen gets restless or agitated without the internet connection.
  2. Anxiety– Over usage of internet especially social media can be a big reason for your kids’ anxiety. You may have to investigate your kid a little to know the reason for bothering them.
  3. Extreme mood swings– The Internet is filled with positive and negative content. Sensitive teenagers get impacted by the content and tend to display extreme mood changes. They may be happy at one point and awfully sad at another.
  4. Isolation– At several occasions, teenagers are observed to go into isolation because of the continuous use of the internet and its applications. Their world revolves around the internet, and real-life drama is no more their cup of tea.
  5. No sense of time– The Internet has the capacity to distract the most powerful individuals, imagine how easy it is to sidetrack young teenagers from their plan of action. Often you will observe your kid loses track of time due to the internet.
  6. Health issues – Overuse of digital gadgets causes health problems like back pain, neck pain, headache, weight gain, sleep disorder, etc.
  7. Dishonesty– Internet influences kids in ways that may not even cross your mind. Thus, parents need to be sure about the fact’s teenagers are sharing- facts may be faulty or sugar-coated, which you may never find out.

Now, that we know what the signs for an internet addict are, it is also essential to learn about the types of internet addicts are present in the world. This information will help you accurately deal with your kids.

What are the types of internet addiction?

Let’s get acquainted with the different types of internet addictions your teenagers can suffer:

  1. Computer – Computer addiction is more of a compulsive disorder than online addiction. Kids desiring to use the computer for all offline and online tasks in a day are generally computer addicts.
  2. Cyber Relationship– This addiction is connected to building relationships online which are casual most of the time. Online relationships may turn into their priority neglecting the real-life relations. These relationships can have a negative consequence on a teenager’s life.
  3. Informational– Your kid may be the kind of a person who constantly scouts the internet for data that they may or may not need, this may lead to decreased productivity and overload of unnecessary information.
  4. Compulsions– There are internet addiction issues which are compulsive in nature. Constant online shopping, gaming, investing, etc. are signs of a compulsive addict.
  5. Cybersex– Teens, who often indulge in porno videos, adult cartoons, adult websites, informal chat rooms for sexting, etc. are prone to online sexual content end up creating a mess in their real sexual life.

How to secure teens from online addiction?

Parenting a five-year-old is much easier than a teenager. Why? Because teenagers are “children” who are overwhelmed in the confusion of behaving like an adult or a child. They are rebels with little control over their words and actions. In mind full of questions and dilemma understanding online ethics can be a bit of a challenge.

To make life simpler for parents of teenagers, Bit Guardian Parental control app comes with innovative digital parenting capabilities that can cut down your kids’ addiction in no time. The application promotes the use of simple features like app blocker and time schedule to limit the screen time of your teens.

Do not risk your teens’ life after learning about the dangers lurking on the internet — secure teens by installing the Bit Guardian Parental Control app and get real peace of mind henceforth.