How to Cure a New Generation Disease ‘Anorexia Nervosa’?

In case your doctor suggests that you need anorexia treatment, typically he will do several tests and exams to pinpoint his diagnosis and rule out the medical causes for the weight loss. He would also check for any other related complications.

These tests and exams usually involve the following:

  1. Physical Exam – Checking your weight and height and vital signs like blood pressure, heart rate temperature and the nails and skin for problems along with your abdomen.
  2. Lab Tests – Conducting urinalysis and a complete blood count test and rather more-specialized blood tests to check protein and electrolytes along with functioning of your kidney, liver, and thyroid.
  3. Psychological Evaluation – A mental health professional will most probably ask about your feelings, eating habits and thoughts.
  4. Other Studies – X-rays to check the bone density, or stress fractures or heart problems broken bones etc.

How can this new generation disease get the Treatment it needs?

Anorexia Nervosa Treatment is usually done utilizing a team approach that includes mental health professionals, dietitians and doctors, who have experience in treating eating disorders. Nutrition education and ongoing therapy are very much crucial for continued recovery. The various ways to treat are mentioned as under:

  1. Hospitalization and other Programs

In case your life is in a threatening position, you might need treatment in a hospital for such issues like heart rhythm disturbance, electrolyte imbalances, a psychiatric emergency or dehydration. Hospitalization might be required for medical complications, severe malnutrition, severe psychiatric problems, and continued refusal to eat.

  1. Medical Care

Due to the number of complications caused by anorexia, you might need recurrent monitoring of your vital signs, electrolytes and hydration level along with related physical conditions. In dire situations, people with anorexia may require feeding through a Nasogastric tube which is placed in the nose of the patients and therefore goes to the stomach.

  1. Restoring a Healthy Weight

The first aim of Anorexia Nervosa Treatment is going back to your ideal and healthy weight. You surely cannot recover from anorexia if you don’t return to your healthy weight. Learning about nutrition and find things that are good for you. In your healing process, you can include people such as:

  • Your primary care doctor as he can offer medical care to you and keep your calorie needs and weight gain under strict supervision
  • A mental health professional or a psychologist and a dietician that can work with you and help you develop behavioral strategies so that you can return to your healthy weight
  • Include your family as they will help you in maintaining healthy eating habits.


For Anorexia Treatment, you don’t need to rely on medicines. Changing your eating habits can also help you in a big way.