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In an era where smartphones are a more significant asset than the SUV’s, can you afford to lose your phone data? Holiday photos? Or your favorite songs and videos that you downloaded for those road trips?

No, right? That’s precisely why we all need a free antivirus for Android device. Let’s investigate more on virus threats and how Android apps protect against virus and malware attack.

Why do Android devices need antivirus?

Android is the most popular operating system across the world. Its usage has gone up exponentially.

The Android operating system is an open source platform which is widely modified and added to several devices in the world. Anyone can alter the code, creating a new platform.

Bearing in mind the fact that open source platforms are prone to virus threats, security features within the device needs to be rigid.

Considering the scale of use and security concerns, antivirus programs are essential to fight virus or malware components; this ensures your apps and data are protected from virus attack.

The sole reason for using antivirus apps is that some Android security apps run scans to provide real-time protection and prevent any virus from entering the device.

How do you know your Android device is attacked?

Using a smartphone does not make you smarter; having the knowledge to handle your device is what makes you a smart technology user. So, it is essential to understand if your Android phone needs a free antivirus Android app.

Here are specific signs you need to look out in your Android device:

  1. Battery drains faster

Android phones come with a powerful battery life nowadays. Some survive for a day, while others can survive for 48 hours. However, if you observe the battery is unusually drying up too fast, this may be a sign of virus attack. The reason is simple- the hidden virus, running in the background, eats up a significant chunk of the battery without exposing themselves.

  1. Deteriorating phone performance

Most often, “we” are responsible for the slowness of our device. Using live wallpapers, active internet network, indulging in gaming apps, etc. are a few common reasons how we fade the device performance. If you treat your phone like a baby and avoid over usage or unnecessary apps, and yet you see the phone performance going down, this may be a signal of virus attack.

  1. Unaware apps on the device

Have you stumbled upon an app that you barely remember installing? If yes, then there is a high chance it is a virus. The apps look legitimate, similar to real apps; however more often than not these apps are malicious and need to be deleted at once.

  1. Constant crashing of apps

After using the same app for more than a year, you find the app crashing again and again. Annoying, right? But this is a clear indication of virus-infected device. The Viruses hinders the normal functioning of the device, which is a core reason for crashing apps in the device. Well, an update on time can keep the virus in check.

  1. Mysterious data usage

Before blaming the internet provider companies, you may want to cross check the data usage problem. When a virus attacks a device, it works on the instructions of the virus creator. In order to transfer and receive information, an active internet connection is required. Internet is used in the background without giving the owner any clue. The attacker uses the data for receiving information from the device, show pop-up ads, etc. In case you have been re-paying your internet charges, again and again, to keep your internet running, you are making it easier for the attacker.

  1. Unknown outgoing calls or messages

Many of us complain saying “I never made the call” or “I doubt I ever texted you,” but the real question is still buried – “Who made the calls and texts?” If you don’t believe in ghost tales and your naughty brother could not access the phone without the password then virus infection is possibly the most helpful answer for this. A virus can call or send SMS to people without your knowledge.

Which is the #1 recommended free antivirus for Android devices?

Now, that we know how one can diagnose virus attacks, the next step is to protect the phone from any further damage and heal the remaining device.

Any Android phone cannot function without a basic phone cleaner app. Free antivirus for Android devices is a necessity and part and parcel of the phone cleaner app. The phone cleaner app will be responsible for cleaning and optimizing the app along with protecting the device from any undesirable malicious code.

The Advanced Phone Cleaner app is by far the #1 app recommended free antivirus for Android due to its proven record. The Android phone cleaner app offers Antivirus that scans all files and folders in the device to scan and trace every virus. The process ultimately destroys all malicious components from the device.

Another unique quality of the Free Antivirus android app is the Real-Time Protection against virus infection. You need not worry about new installations in the app as Real-Time Protection shields the latest apps and devices from the accidental installation of any virus component.

Why should you choose the Advanced Phone Cleaner app?

While there are plenty of antivirus apps in the market to offer protection against malware, yet the Advanced Phone Cleaner app does an extraordinary job in protecting the device against the virus as well as cleaning the junk data.

The free antivirus Android app is a combination of device protection and cleaning. The app is a comprehensive cleaner – cleans files, applications, social media content, and junk files. Boosters in the cleaner app are robust device boosting elements which accelerate the process of app usage and enhances multitasking. The problem of overheating and speed deterioration is no more a problem with the efficient CPU Cooler and Speed Booster.

In case you were wondering what is different about the app, the most significant difference is the sturdiness and ease of use, which many apps fail to offer.

Install the Free Antivirus Android App and enjoy a virus-free Android experience!