Online Shopping Vs. In-Store Shopping: Why Mostly Prefer Online

Online shopping is a record high in India, with big players like Amazon and Flipkart controlling the majority of eCommerce space in India, while online Fashion store like Bewakoof, Jabong, andMyntraserve as a few of the best online apparel outlets in the country. Their popularity can partly be accredited to the quality of goods and services they provide, and partly to the ease of online shopping. The latter is probably the bigger reason, as it has made life easier for everyone in this day and age, becoming more of a necessity than a luxury.

Listed below are a few reasons why online shopping is more preferable to offline shopping.

  • Free from the clutches of physical labor

Imagine yourself walking down a busy supermarket aisle, both hands aching with the weight of numerous shopping bags as you wait in a queue for your turn to pay for your purchase and run home. Not a pleasant thought, right?

  • No need to be ‘on time’

The biggest advantage of online shopping for busy individuals is that the stores never close. Offline stores have a closing time, which makes it difficult for you to visit them if you don’t take a day off from work. You can also shop online whenever you get a moment free, like when you’re on the toilet or in a bus or cab.

  • Why not have a few drinks while you’re at it!

In a physical store, you’d have to maintain an acceptable level of social behavior. You can’t simply walk in with a glass of scotch or chardonnay in a physical shop, the security might have a problem with that. Thankfully, there are no such restrictions on online shopping. Just open a bottle and snuggle with your favorite blanket while scrolling through hundreds of options on your mobile phone or tablet.

  • Return policies are a bliss

Returning an item is an ugly affair, and some stores don’t even have return policies. Online shopping though, is an entirely different story. The first thing that you should check before buying something from any website on the internet, is the return policy put in place by the respective eCommerce website, especially for clothing and apparel. As you don’t get to try the dresses before you buy them, you should be able to return them is it doesn’t fit.

  • Sending gifts has become simple too

Your local gift shop might not have the particular item you want to gift to your friend, relative, or family member, which could be a sore disappointment. Thankfully, if you hop online and search, you’re almost guaranteed to find what you’re looking for. Simply slap on the appropriate address, ask for a personalized not to be sent along with the package, pay, and relax. Gifting couldn’t be any simpler.

  • Check for reviews by other people

When buying anything in a shop, all you are forced to rely on is the shopkeeper’s word on how good the item in question is. Not a very reliable case, right? Online shopping is much more reliable in comparison, as you can check all other user reviews for that item, helping you get a clearer picture of what you’re about to purchase.