Online Testing:The Upgraded Examination

With advent of various new technologies, the traditional practices for conducting exams are taking a back step. Upgrading the schools and other institutions with smart classes does not seem as the last stop towards modernization of the educational institutions, but the idea of pen and paper altogether seems to get replaced with the exams that could be conducted on digital devices. Exactly, with everything getting digital, the examination system also gets upgraded. The new, advanced and exciting system of online exams could be yet another advancement of technology that supports education system and drives it to a higher level.

Whenever a teacher prepares a question paper, their task doesn’t complete there. After setting the questions and the pattern of exam, begins aftermath of it, the real-time to put in efforts.

The stress of leaking of question paper, cheating, supervising, checking and evaluating starts pacing up after you set a question paper

Online testing software is what comes as the knight to save you from this. It is a platform to conduct web-based exams.

What are web-based exams?

You would be familiar with the concept where various tests that done on online, on the computer systems or phone screens. It is a process that uses internet to conduct assessments in which the candidate gets evaluated on a completely automated platform.  It is user-friendly interface that allows both the test takers and conductors to run it easily. As the cherry on the cake, it also generates immediate results of the exam.

How it works?

The process of conducting an online exam through online testing software is an easy task. All you have to do is follow these steps.

  1. Find software.

The first step to conduct online examination is to find suitable software that provides you with the features of creating an online exam.

The professor or the course builder associate with one of such software and creates an account.

  1. Set up the test/exam

After creating the account, the next step is to prepare a set of questions given for assessment. Online testing software allows you to set questions of different types. They could be either multiple choice questions or MCQ and open text questions, depending upon the requirements of the examiner. You can also set a fixed time for the exam taker to complete the exam.

  1. Share the link

Once you complete the question paper it is now the time to share the exams with the students this could be done by providing the student or person who is appearing for exam with a link of the question paper. This link will direct the students to your question paper and enable them to do their exam.

  1. Evaluation

When exam is online of course the results should also come via online evaluation. The online testing software relieves you from the stress of checking and evaluating the answer sheets, not just that, it evaluates very immediately i.e. just a few minutes after the exam gets over.

Now let’s get to know what the positives are and negatives that online exams serves to the institutions and the appearing candidate.

# Advantages

Easy and fast method

As mentioned above these software are user-friendly that means it is easy to use them. The only need for such examination is a good internet speed and you will experience a smooth time giving the exam.

Ensures accurate evaluation

For once we can settle with a human teacher making mistakes while evaluating the exams but because online testing software are highly upgraded technologies thus the risk of inaccurate or wrong evaluation are very less.

No paper leakage.

One of the most disturbing event for any educational institution happened when their question paper leaks to the candidates or the students. Using online examination would cut this fear as it is completely protect and secured inside the system of the software and there are no chances of any intruder to peep inside it.

No Cheating

Such online exams software makes sure that there are no chances for a student to cheat while they are appearing in the exam. There are various measures which can help in avoiding any chances of cheating. These are –

  1. a)  Auto proctor: This is an anti – cheating mechanism.
  2. b) Secure exam browser: You can define the websites or pages that are not allowed to open and the system automatically shuts down if those windows are open.

# Limitations

No return back

Once you have skipped the question, there are possibilities that you would not be able to get back to the previous question. In case of remembering the answer later, after you’ve already skipped the question, you cannot respond to it again.


The constant buzzing timer is no less than a stress for the candidate,especially when every question has a set time to compete it. After the time gets over, no matter you have written your complete answer or not, the next question automatically arrives on the screen.


The most common action that every candidate do after completing exam is reviewing their answer sheets and making last-minute changes. This is a drawback while giving online exams because you might not get the opportunity to check your answers.


MCQs however seem easy but are also very confusing. You might get puzzled between 2 options and instantly select one. Later, if you want to undo your choice and do it again, the rules of online exam would not give you the allowance to do so.

However, these disadvantages could be taken care of because this concept is no less than a revolutionary idea in the education system.

Final word

The traditional practices of conducting an exam with a pen and paper are on the verge of getting replaced by the new and highly upgraded technology of online testing software. This softwareis a platform that enables the host institution to conduct the exams online, offering convince to both the institution and the exam taker. This is very secured and technical mode of conducting exams and serves a knee of advantages including cost and time efficiency. Thus, we can say that in digital India not only the classrooms have transformed into smart classes but even the exams are upgrading to online platforms.