Pros and cons of using an aquaguard water purifier

Gone are the days when people used to carry heavy pots of water and the store the water in the same. But with the arrival of UV water purifiers or aqua guards, things have become a lot easier. These water purifiers are not only cost-effective but also help in purifying the water and get rid of harmful chemicals. It still consumes a lot of electricity and also does have enough space in the storage tank and is not much effective if the water is too muddy.

Aqua guard water purifiers nowadays use advanced technology. It uses ultra violet rays for the purification of water. These water purifiers contain tubes that produce ultraviolet rays and the water passes through it. When this water is exposed to these UV rays it effectively removes or kills any kind of harmful viruses and bacteria, moulds or even pathogenic disease causing micro organisms that are present in normal water. It has been proved that water purifiers that uses UV rays are capable of killing 99%of germs effectively. If you are facing any problem with your aqua guard then you easily contact aquaguard customer carechennai.


  • Aqua guard water purifiers are cost effective and less expensive. These purifiers with UV rays source bulb consumes 60 watt of power approximately which is almost equal to a normal bulb that we use for our household purpose.
  • These purifiers does do not use any kind of chemicals and therefore it does not alter the taste or the colour of water.
  • UV water purifiers are capable of giving purified water instantly after you switch on the electric supply and get pure water almost instantly, whereas on the other hand other water purifiers take quite a lot of time to give purified water.


Along with several advantages, an aqua guard water purifier has got some cons too.

  • Although these aquaguard water purifiers are capable of killing maximum germs, viruses or bacteria effectively but then again, fails to remove all those dissolved impurities like the rust, chemicals such as arsenic, fluoride and pesticides too. It also does not convert hard water into soft, sweet water.
  • Due to the lack of enough space in the storage tank in most of the aquaguard water purifiers, the user need to store the remaining water in external storage such as in a bottle, jar or jugs etc.
  • Aquaguard water purifiers cannot run without electricity. If there is a problem of frequent power cut off and if it does not contain enough water already stored in it then there is no way of collecting water when needed in times of power cut.
  • UV water filters are not much effective in purifying the water if it is too muddy.

In these water filters with UV ray purifying facility UV light indicator is almost invisible. So it is difficult to notice exactly whether the UV purifier is working or not. If the user forgets to notice this and the UV light indicator remains switched off when the water comes out without purification.