Smart Approaches To Brand Your Product

Building a brand is an incredibly important process for anyone who wants to accomplish something. Branding is not just for businesses. It is for personalities, careers, business, social groups, and even friendships. Branding is learning how to improve what people see at a glance so that they take a second and a third look. Over time, branding becomes the foundation for trust, which causes customers to feel comfortable making purchases.

Smart Approaches To Brand Your Product

Designing your Brand

Target Audience:

Universal appeal is almost impossible. One of the first parts of branding is figuring out who you are selling. While everyone might enjoy your product, there will be a specific grouping of people that are your best and most reliable customers. Understanding who they are can make all the difference.

Ask yourself what your target audience’s age, gender, occupation, social group, hobby, and earning capacity is. You will need to find out where they are and what they are doing to reach them. Once you know where they are you can use all sorts of resources to reach them such as using Custom Gear Australia and few more to design marketing tools that they would find useful which are one of the best help one can get for running a small business.

Research Competitors:

Researching your competitors can be incredibly valuable. By researching your competitors, you can figure out what is already working and what is not working. Look at the success of each company and try to understand why it is the way that it is. You will immediately identify things that you like and things that you want to do differently. You will also learn about the other brands that are already out there. It is important that your brand stand out and that you offer something unique.

Mission Statement, Tagline, and Logo:

A mission statement identifies your company’s purpose. It helps people quickly get an idea of what you represent.

  • Microsoft – “Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more”
  • Nordstrom – “To give customers the most compelling shopping experience possible”

Mission Statement, Tagline, and Logo

A tagline is an incredibly short burst of flavour. The style of your brand. The motto that you live by for example:

  • Mcdonalds – “I’m lovin’ it”
  • Subway – “Eat Fresh”
  • Skittles – “Taste the Rainbow”

A brand logo is a visual representation of your company — kind of like making your mark or your signature. A logo is a company signature. People take one look and recognize what it represents.

Create a Brand Voice:

A brand voice is a personality choice. You determine several qualities that you always want to represent true your brand. Advertisements, employees, and representatives all model these qualities. These qualities can be anything. Enthusiasm, politeness, hard work, and humour are all qualities that you might choose for your brand voice. Every time a person interacts with your group they should feel like they are talking to a version of this person.

Power Statement:

A power statement is a quick statement of who you are. It should take two minutes to say who you are what you are, what you are about, and how you can be useful the person you are speaking with. Practising a power statement can be incredibly useful because it gives you something to fall back on in almost any situation.


The biggest key to successful branding is consistency. Be consistent in every area that you can brand and people will begin to recognize and trust your brand. Recognition and trust lead two purchases, interactions, and ultimate success.