Top 6 Tips to Protect Your Potency

Man has always been eager to find the best ways and tricks to stay healthy and protect potency. In ancient times kings and rulers had a special team of doctors and physicians that help them increase their fertility and enjoy more with their wives. There were special foods and diets as well as some special medication that helped men get more powerful and prolonged erections. In this modern era where everybody is in rush to achieve something and reach certain goals, we cannot afford that special team of doctors but we can overcome erectile dysfunction and related diseases by medication and some other proven tricks that have always helped mankind to stay healthier and happier.

Top 6 Tips to Protect Your Potency

  1. Take care of your diet.

Just keep a simple rule in your mind that every diet that is not good for your heart, can never be helpful for you to get good erections. Eat a simple diet that doesn’t harm your blood pressure because this can impede blood flow towards your and inside your penis. Eat a lot of natural food like fruits and vegetables. Stay away from processed food as it decreases blood flow to your sex organ and makes it difficult for you to get good erections.

  1. Stay away from anabolic steroids

Steroids are used by athletes and bodybuilders to get quick results but these drugs can shrink your testicles and harm their ability to produce testosterone. These can result in low sex drive and lack of stamina. You will not be able to enjoy with your wife as much as you did when you were not using these steroids. But you can use some helpful medicines that will keep your stamina and sex appeal at the top. Viagra is one of that medicine that is loved by most men since long. You can buy Viagra from any recognize store or an online shop. Always be careful to choose medicine because this is very important. You cannot take a risk in selecting medicine for ED cure.

  1. Keep a close eye on your BMI.

Men with good body mass index ratios perform better than those who are overweight. Overweight can bring some serious problems like diabetes and high cholesterol that eventually affects your erections. You can download BMI chart from the internet and examine yourself that how much you need to improve. Don’t worry if your ratings are not good initially, believe your self that you can always get your desired ratings. You can follow certain diet planes and do some specific exercises to achieve good results. Remember, its all about trying. Harder you try, better chances of success you get. Some people get agitated in the beginning when they don’t lose weight initially. If you want to get rid of erectile dysfunction, you need to be in good shape and you have to work hard for it.

Top 6 Tips to Protect Your Potency

  1. Regularly check your blood pressure and cholesterol

Erectile dysfunction is all about less blood flow to your penis and it can be a result of high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Both of them can damage the vessels that bring blood to your penis hence resulting in erectile dysfunction. Regularly visit your doctor to keep a close eye on cholesterol and blood pressure. There are some tools and gadgets that help you check this at home or anywhere. Some shops and fuel stations help you get a free checkup. Stay away from hypertension and stay healthy.

  1. Daily exercise helps you stay on top

Research shows that men who regularly visit the gym, stay healthier for much more time. This is very simple to understand because when you run or go for a brisk walk, your blood flows towards every part of your body. This also helps your nerves to supply more blood to your penis that eventually leads you to get better erections even in the older ages. Never be lazy as I will lead you to a less healthy life.

  1. Control Adrenaline hormone

When you are stressed and not feeling good your body generates hormone adrenaline. This booster is never helpful for a good erection. Be happy and curb stress as it will give a big boost to your sex life. Adrenaline makes blood vessels tighten and blood flow is hampered because of it. You can control adrenaline by means of medication and naturally by controlling your temper. You can always contact Oz Meds for detailed help and information.