What All Can Be Done For Relocating The House

Relocating to a new place can be a rewarding experience, but there is still a lot to do in order to get there. You need to pack your bags, hire a moving company or move yourself to your destination. In general, you need to be organized for the upcoming task of moving.

Relocating The House

Moving Boxes

First, create a moving box in which you will carry all the important things among your belongings. Yes, you will be taking only those items that are absolutely necessary and leaving behind discards. Don’t stress if you are not the organized type because this is not rocket science. All you need is a moving box or any container that is portable in which you can simply toss things. Label those boxes if possible.

Next, set up a box for all the discards – things that will end up in the landfill at your new place anyway. Most people toss everything they own into moving boxes hoping to sort them out later. This is why you sometimes see a huge pile of items at the curb on their moving day. Don’t let this happen to you. Throwing away every item that is worthless will save you a lot of time and money later. When this discard box is full, get rid of the contents, either in the landfill or by donating it to charity.

Notifying Neighbors

You need to make a list of anyone and everyone who will need to contact you at your new address. This includes doctors, accountants, pharmacists, old schools, friends, neighbours, family members and others. And don’t forget to notify your insurance company, lenders, tax office and any employer who will be sending important documents before the end of the year. People who you keep in touch with only on special occasions such as weddings, birthdays or anniversaries may want to get hold of you at your new place, so notify them of the address change as well.

Movers and Packers

This is the moment to interview as many movers as possible or at the very least three moving companies to obtain prices for their moving service. Most movers will come to your house to give a free estimate after looking at the things to pack and move. Additional charges will apply depending on the complexity of the move. Interstate movers like for moving from the country to Melbourne usually charge by the pound while local movers charge by the day or depending on the size of the truck. In any case, make sure that the movers carry adequate insurance to cover losses for damaged or missing items.

Relocating The House

Check with your insurance company as well, whether or not any loss is covered. Think of the possibilities of what will happen if the moving truck breaks down or have trouble the day of the scheduled moving. Make a list of individuals and firms to contact in times of unexpected events, and keep it in an accessible place. Check schedules of movers and make sure they offer flexibility in terms of time and day. Bear in mind that many things can happen that will delay your moving process. In a worst-case scenario, you will have to rent a storage unit.

Finishing Touch

You want to get things finalized before the relocation, such as signing out at management office if it’s a rental house, disconnecting utility and other services related to the place and obtaining copies for all important documents like lease or deposit refund. All these tasks should be factored into your schedule as you make preparation to move.