What Do Letting Agencies Bring To The Table In The UK? Do I Really Need Them?

Herewith the big question. You own your property, you have put all the effort in making a home out of it. You invested all those savings in furniture, decoration, and maintaining the house fit in the best conditions to hold the value up. Despite you pin your hopes on it, very often new opportunities knock and life moves on unpredictably.

Letting Agencies

So, what are the reasons why property owners may consider letting their home? What would be the best choice once you have decided to go on and let your property?

First of all, there are a few turns in life that can lead you to decide on renting your home:

  1. Find yourself in need of extra income

Perhaps you have just made a large investment, purchased a new property or just for any life affair, you may find yourself short of cash currently. So then it is when you settle on lettingyourhome, or part of it to a tenant who will be living in it in exchange of a rent. Whether you have never gone through a letting before or you want to go through the process smoothly, finding a professional letting agency that helps you through the process may be the best choice.

  1. Rent as a Plan B for selling

You were aiming to sell your property, but you are advised that because of the current market situation this is not the right moment to get into a selling process. However, selling your house remains a substantial investment specially when you plan to move into a new place. And clearly, when you realise it has come the time for a change, having to wait for a more suitable moment to sell your place, is just an unpleasant hurdle that nobody wants to face.

  1. Travel or work abroad

If you have decided to hang up the gloves for a while and set off to a traveling adventure, or it came that you have been offered the opportunity to implement your career experience working in a foreign country. This will surely be an exciting time for you to squeeze the opportunity and make the most of it worries-free. Naturally, you will have loads of things to arrange prior to your trip and the last thing you may want to be fuss with is about the use that is being made of house while you are away.

Letting Agencies

Without question, there may be several reasons why you end up considering letting your house. However, plus the mild discomfort of thinking of having a complete stranger living in your house, getting through the entire process of finding the right tenant as ensuring your house is in good hands, might turn out a stressful and complicated matter. So, you may be pondering if you really need a letting agent.

There it is when it raises the question of taking on a letting agent who takes care of everything. If you have reached up this stage and you are pondering to hire a letting agency, you may need to know what are they going to do for you:

  1. Value the property

 This first step implies a visit to the property by the letting agent in order to study the property value so the right income will be given to it. Right away, the property will be advertised and it will be visible to potential tenants.

  1. Advertising

The letting agency takes care of everything to ensure that the brightest face of your property is shown to people in search of a reliable place to live. It can be carried out through physical signs, websites banners or digital marketing techniques.

  1. Show-around the property

After the letting agent check on possible tenants’ suitability, they will be shown the property and act on your behalf whether an offer is put forward.

4.Set up and negotiate an agreement

Once the future tenant have agreed to rent the property, it will come the negotiations which the letting agent will carry out on behalf of the landlord. Some special requirements might be arranged by the prospective tenant.

  1. Come to an agreement

The letting agency will be in charge of writing and setting up the contract that the prospective tenant will have to agree with. Then, after the signature, it will be official and the tenant can settle in the property.

 Article written by Raquel Rozada SEO Copywriter in London