What to Wear when Travelling on a Plane? Fashionable Travel Clothes

Turn off your phone, forget your laptop/tablet, pack your bag and explore the world. Traveling is fun but flights can be tiring, therefore is very important to dress up smartly in a way you feel comfortable and look great as well.

Organizing stuff before you travel is essential. Questions like what to carry, what not to carry, how to carry? Can put you under a lot of stress, therefore, we’ve created this guide to help you with your travel outfit so that you can save your time for other important stuff.

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or if traveling for the first time, this guide will prove to be helpful.

What not to wear at the airport?

Anything with lots of pockets:

Cargo pants are loved for their comfort and functionality, at first you might think that multiple pockets are handy for traveling but that’s not the case. Cargo pants can be a pain in the head; there is almost always a chance that you may set off an alarm by forgetting things such as a keychain or lighter in the pockets.

Shoes those are hard to take off:

Some airports require you to take off your shoes to get through the security check. Shoes that are hard to take off can waste a lot of time, and upset the people waiting in the cue.

Shirts with offensive slogans:

Shirts with offensive slogans can get you kicked out of flight and if not, you will surely grab unnecessary attention and mean look from people who are offended.

What to wear when traveling?

Short Flight

Short flights can last for about 30 minutes to 6 hours, therefore there’s no strict rule on what to wear when traveling as long as it’s appropriate according to the above-mentioned guidelines.


Regular polo Tee or an Oxford shirt would do great depending on the formality of the occasion, you can also add in a blazer if you’ll be directly heading to a business meeting. Leather Jackets, on the other hand, are ideal casual outwear for winters.


Jeans are perfectly fine for short haul flights as they look great and are pretty much bearable for a short to the medium time period.


Comfortable sneakers or Suede Chelsea boots are the go-to footwear for traveling, bearing in mind there is a lot of walking involved off the plane till the exit.

Long Haul Flight     

Long haul flights can be very tiring, imagine you’re seated for almost 16 hours with a stiff back and knee; and to top it off, an uncomfortable piece of clothing can only make matters from bad to worst.


For long haul flights, you will pretty much go with the same combination of breathable cotton t-shirt or buttoned shirt, with the exception of leather jacket which would be replaced with a parka or wool coat.


Jeans are quite uncomfortable for long periods; therefore stretchable chinos and khaki with a slightly tapered fit are best travel pants and would look and feel great throughout the journey.


It’s obvious you wouldn’t wear your gym or disco grimy shoes while traveling. Sneakers still remain the best option. Oxford shoes aren’t recommended unless it’s utmost important to wear them.

Here are some interesting ideas

Smart Casual Style

Cotton shirts, regular fit jeans, topped over with a nice jacket and a matching sneaker, you can also wear a cool looking shade. You can also carry a duffle bag for short trips where you do not need to carry a lot of things.

Formal Wear for flights

Business or formal attire in flight is quite hard to carry, but you can keep it as simple as you want. Just wear a three-piece suit with stylish watch and shades with Oxford shoes complete manly attire. Try to avoid snug pants because they will make you uncomfortable.

Casual Wear

A simple buttoned shirt paired with jeans and a matching shoe would look great casually, Layer it with a leather jacket if you’re traveling to a colder destination.

Dressing up for your trip is a simple task, but if done wrong it can mess up your mood and ruin your entire trip. You don’t need fancy clothes or expensive stuff all you need to do is to take a look at what you already have in your closet and take a minute to make the right choices according to the guidelines above and you will know exactly what to wear when traveling.