WordPress Vs October CMS: Knowing Which Is Right for Your Dream Website?

Different CMS systems have changed the way websites are created. Previously, website creation, customization, migration, and renovation- all were time-consuming, irritating and monotonous work for web developers and designers.

wordpress vs october

They have to start from scratch to complete any work. CMS systems have revolutionized the web design and development industry. Now, web designers and developers can easily develop different types of websites with the help of a CMS system, themes, and plugins. Anyone who has a basic knowledge of computer and Internet can run CMS based websites easily & earn his/her bread and butter.

WordPress & October are two important and popular CMS systems. Many entrepreneurs fail to decide which CMS system (among these two) they should use for the creation of a dream website. That is why we will study WordPress & October CMS systems from different angles & try to reach a conclusion. Let’s get started.

  1. Basic Introduction
WordPress October
WordPress is web publishing software which allows you to create your own website or blog & publish content. Since its incarnation in 2003, WordPress has become one of the most popular blogging platforms all over the world. Now, it has turned itself as a full-fledged content management system. You can create and manage your own full-featured website with this outstanding CMS. It’s an open source platform. So, numerous volunteers from all over the world are constantly creating and improving WordPress software code every day. With thousands of plugins, widgets and themes, you can easily create all types of websites with this platform.

There is no doubt that October CMS is an outstanding web platform. You can create almost all types of websites with this CMS. To be frank, it is suitable for developers and programmers only. You should have the complete knowledge of PHP to use this platform properly. Normal Internet users who don’t have programming knowledge can’t use it.





  1. Installation Process

When it comes to installation, WordPress & October- both are excellent. WordPress is free for all. So, you can download WordPress from its official website. This process is completed in a few methods. On the other hand, you can install October CMS in two different ways- Wizard installation & Command-line installation. The first installation method is considered easier. Choose the second installation method only when you have a sound knowledge of different programming languages & website building skills.

  1. Themes and Plugins

Premade themes & plugins are the two most important reasons why web developers, as well as, website owners are crazy about CMS. Premade themes allow website designers to choose a suitable theme, customize it as per the individual needs of clients, and create websites quickly. Plugins and extensions are a great boon and bosom friend for website development companies. Dedicated WordPress programmer use plugins and extensions to add more features and functionalities to websites and help SEO professionals to automate digital marketing activities aimed at generating leads and sales. WordPress offers several thousand themes and plugins.

You can download free themes and plugins from the official website of WordPress and use it as per your needs. Apart from this, many developers sell premium WordPress themes and plugins on different online forums. October CMS also offers plugins and themes, which helps in website creation and optimisation. But compared to WordPress, the total number of themes and plugins are quite less.

  1. Ease of Use

WordPress is designed with a special focus on usability. It is always easier to run and manage a WordPress website. A lot of thanks to its decluttered admin page. You can log into your website on any PC, laptop and even on portable mobile devices using Email ID & password. Tech-savvy, as well as, non-tech individuals can easily publish content on this platform.

You can even schedule your posts to be published on a specific time period. You can automate different SEO activities for a WordPress website with the help of plugins. WordPress also allows you to run multiple websites from a single backend with WordPress multisite feature which helps you to  make lots of money by selling products and services online. One can easily update October CMS website with new marketing materials. In the backend, there are tabs for pages, blog and settings. You can make the necessary changes in those settings and perform content marketing activities smoothly.

  1. Security

Website security is one of the most important aspects of online business in today’s competitive world wherein newspapers and online magazines are full of news related to site hacking. Professional hackers and cyber thugs frequently target WordPress websites because of the growing use of this CMS. So, you can safeguard your WordPress website against all such threats by following some wise recommendations.

website security

There are many security plugins, which you can use to protect your website from online threats. Furthermore, WordPress releases security updates regularly. Follow those updates to use the latest version of the CMS, themes, and plugins to keep your website safe.

Be careful about flawed WordPress plugins full of bugs and harmful programming. Such plugins may provide a backdoor to hackers and enable them to hack your website.

Always keep in mind that October is built on Laravel. index.php in the root is the only file that one can access directly. Nevertheless, the framework successfully thwarts all suspicious activities. You can use security plugins to increase the security level of your website built with October CMS.

  1. Website Performance Issue

WordPress websites are good in the initial period of your online business. When content uploading increases on the website, its loading speed starts to decline little by little. Using too many plugins can affect the performance of your WordPress website. You may need to buy premium plugins to let your website work smoothly. October CMS is faster than WordPress because it is built on Laravel. So, the performance issue of your site doesn’t bother you. You can also take additional measures to increase the performance of your website easily.

Final Words

So, now we know the main features and functionalities of WordPress & October CMS. To be honest, both CMS systems are good. WordPress websites developed by largest WordPress Development Company helps you to stand out of the crowd and make remarkable progress in the business. The same holds try for the October CMS. Just determine your actual business needs carefully in consultation with a content website development company & choose either WordPress or October CMS for website creation and optimisation. Best of Luck!

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