10 Gift Items for Charitable Causes and Making Others Feel Loved

10 Gift Items for Charitable Causes and Making Others Feel Loved

Every time that we buy something for our close ones, we shop with a lot of excitement. But, there are many who are homeless, have no one to care for, no surviving blood relatives, and simply abandoned. Such people want a lot of love and care, and you can pioneer the cause by gifting them more than just happiness. Do not wait; a gift purchased for charitable causes never goes unnoticed.

Below given are gifts to get for charitable causes. We are sure you will like to open up your big heart to those in need.

Backpack Full of Goodies

Purchase backpacks, which are usually carried by kids to school. Now fill the bag with lots of goodies, such as chocolates, toys, sports items, cookies, dry fruit hampers etc. Visit an orphanage and provide each kid a backpack of their own. See them smile wide on receiving the gifts!

Backpack Full of Goodies

A Pair of Clothes and Socks

Have you seen homeless people around or do you know someone who is economically underprivileged? If yes, then you can gift them a pair of brand new clothes and socks. It will help them feel better and meet the basic need of clothing. Repeat this gesture every month.

Flowers and Cakes

There are many who have not feel loved in a long time. Many people are abandoned or are left to fend for themselves. To put happiness back into people’s lives, surprise them with cakes and flowers. You can bake the cake yourself and distribute among the masses. You can even send flower bouquets to them and brighten up their day.

Flowers and Cakes

Utility Items for Everyday

From handkerchief, coffee mug, cutleries, a knife for peeling fruits, to a water container, there are several utility items we use every day. But many people lack these basic items. You can donate these things to someone you know is in need of it.

Free Healthcare Package

Medical care is essential for everyone. There are several who do not get the necessary healthcare. Why not sponsor medical treatments of such people? Depending on your spending capacity, you can sponsor the treatments. If you cannot spend much, you can always connect the sickness-ridden people to NGOs or hospitals run on aid and subsidies.

Soft Toys and Gift Cards

There are soft toys both for children and adults. Cuddling with these toys release physical tension and stimulate minds. You can order soft toys from Aryan florist and send those to old-age homes, orphanages, or homes for special-care needing people. Similarly, you can purchase gift cards for individuals and let them buy what they like as per their requirements.


Items for the Bedding

Many of us are lucky to have a house to stay in and a warm bed to sleep in at night, but many do not have such facilities. You can donate a set of blankets, pillows, bed-sheets, and mattresses to those who do not have it. Contact care-giving firms and see how you can work out donating these things to the inmates of the house or the center.

Hygiene Essentials

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, is a quote we have been hearing since our childhood. But, not everyone has access to something as simple as body-soap. You can get hygiene essentials such as toothpaste, toothbrush, a body towel, body soap, shampoo, hand-wash, bathrobe etc and donate it to the ones who cannot afford these themselves.

Skill-oriented Gifts

They say- teach a person to fish than give him fish to eat, and he will live for years. The idea of skill and hobby oriented gifts exactly replicates this thought. Once you introduce a person to a certain skill, he/she can improvise on it and put it to use. For instance, you can gift someone tailoring-machine, teach them how to knit or quill paper items, make handmade jewelry etc.

Educational Guides and Books

Charity begins at home, this is very true. Gift your family members or others educational guides and books that impart knowledge on a variety of topics. You can communicate with school-going kids whose parents cannot buy the school supplies. Gift them the year’s educational requirements such as books, school uniform, fees for the semester etc.

There is no restriction on the amount of love and kindness you can spread. It is never too late to lend a helping hand to those in need. Make someone’s day by providing them any of the above-mentioned gift items or facilities.