10 Interesting Facts about Hair

Facts about Hair

Spending plenty of time surfing the internet just to track top echelon tips and tricks for healthy, bouncy, and lustrous hair; Verily, we are utterly obsessed with our hair! Indubitably, you know many hidden prodigious haircare remedies, but do you also aware of the mind-blowing facts about hair and its care? 

If not, then you’re at the right place today. These eye-popping hair facts blow you away. On this occasion, without any further ado, let’s get go through these facts.

  1. Hair is the dead matter!
  2. Dry hair can stretch up to 30% and wet hair up to 50%
  3. Most of your hair grow 1 cm/month continuously for 3-5 years
  4. Approximately 100-150 hair shed daily, which is normal!
  5. Healthy hair needs 50 to 100 g weight to break!
  6. Vitamins and minerals can assist you in growing hair faster
  7. Combing dry hair breaks shorter strands and wet breaks longer ones
  8. Your hair absorbs water in both steam and liquid form
  9. Hair has different shapes: Caucasian hair is oval; Asian hair is circular; Afro hair is elliptical 
  10. Discoloration increases friction among threads

1) Hair is the dead matter!

Do you know, the beautiful, luscious hair we flaunt is not alive.

Yes, you readout right. Hair is dead. These are only alive when these are on the scalp. But, once the hair is out of the scalp, the hair cells become numb. For this reason, you don’t feel pain while hair cut.

2) Dry hair can stretch up to 30% and wet hair up to 50%

Hair fibers have amazing elastic properties. They can be stretched up to a certain extent. Generally, stretching is a physical force, which, when stop, hair return back to its original state. 

You can also try the elasticity test to check the moisture level of your hair. Just stretch a wet hair strand. If it breaks on very little or no stretching, that means your hair needs more moisture. 

Do remember, long-term contact with sun, great use of heating appliances, and chemical treatments can profoundly affect your hair elasticity. So make sure to protect your hair from harmful sun rays and try to limit the use of physical and chemical hair treatments.

3) Most of your hair grow 1 cm/month continuously for 3-5 years

Every person is unique concerning the hair growth rate. 

On the whole, there are three main phases through which every hair goes. These phases are anagen, catagen, and telogen. 

Anagen is a growth phase, catagen is a regression phase, and telogen is a resting phase. The anagen phase is the most extended phase, which lasts for about three to five years, and there are approximately 90 to 95% of hair follicles at a given time found to be in this phase. During this time, our hair grows at a rate of 1 cm per month. 

4) Approximately 100-150 hair shed daily, which is normal!

Every day, we shed about this number of hair. After being in above mentioned three phases, the inactive hair falls. This number of hair fall is outstanding, but not more than that. 

If you’re also suffering from extensive hair fall, then you need to watch your haircare routine. Along with extended exposure to chemicals and styling tools, the normal hair cycle gets disrupted. Therefore, just take care of your hair. Try to use hair and scalp friendly shampoo and conditioners, which don’t embed with harsh chemicals. 

Moreover, it must include hair growth serum in your hair care regimen, as it not only helps to locks the moisture and provide shine but also aids in preventing hair fall and improving hair growth. 

5) Healthy hair needs 50 to 100 g weight to break!

Your hair may seem thin, but do you know how much weight our hair can hold?

Our single strand of hair is capable of holding 50 to 100 g of weight; on the whole, all hair together can support approximate 12 tons of weight. Now you can imagine how healthy your hair is?

The reason behind this is the keratin protein. The structure made of its long chains makes our hair healthy. Further, the condition of cortex and thread diameter plays an essential role in its strength. On the other hand, chemicals we used over our hair lowers this strength. 

6) Vitamins and minerals can assist you in growing hair faster

Not only external, but our hair also needs nourishment from inside. Iron, selenium, zinc, vitamin B12, D, B7, B5, B3, C, and folate, all are essential for hair growth. The incomplete quantities of these nutrients can slow down the hair growth, and hair is greying. 

Therefore, take healthy, nutrient-rich foods and don’t skip any meal. Moreover, you can also add hair supplements to your routine. It will aid in accomplishing your need for nutrients for hair care. 

7) Combing dry hair breaks shorter strands and wet breaks longer ones

Combing plays an essential role in protecting hair. One of the primary reasons behind hair breakage is the tangles created by combing forces. 

Moreover, combing wet or dry hair also exerts a significant impact on hair breakage. Combing wet hair leads to damage of long hair segments, whereas, combing dry hair leads to breakage of shorter parts. The reason behind this is the forces. When hair is wet, combing produces higher mid-length combing forces, whereas, combing dry hair produces higher-end pick forces. Make sure your hair is dry while brushing and don’t exert too much pressure while combing.

8) Your hair absorbs water in both steam and liquid form

Yes, our hair can absorb water in both scenarios. The primary reason behind this absorption is keratin protein, which is a significant constituent of the healthy hair structure. 

Keratin can absorb water, approximately 40% of its weight. This absorption of water influence the fiber elasticity up to a great extent. The intake is followed by swelling. However, hair resists to swelling due to the presence of bonds that maintain reticular integrity. 

This absorptive and swelling phenomenon plays an essential role in hair care product efficiency and functionality because it selects or delays the penetration of various organic molecules. 

9) Hair has different shapes: Caucasian hair is oval; Asian hair is circular; Afro hair is elliptical 

Believe it or not, this is true. Hair is of different shapes due to various mechanical properties, and these shapes exert a significant impact upon physical attributes and characteristics of hair, i.e., its shine, elasticity, volume, and softness. 

10) Discoloration increases friction among threads

The greying of hair is significantly associated with resistance among the strands. This friction further may lead to hair fall. The extensive use of heating appliances, chemicals, and extended sun exposure can be the prominent reasons behind hair greying. So, take care of your hair. 

Also, make sure that your hair is free from dandruff, because, the constant itching and rubbing caused by dandruff also lead to friction. Ensure you are using a scalp friendly anti-dandruff shampoo with excellent cleansing and hydration properties. In this way, you will get dandruff free, a hydrated scalp that aids in reducing friction among the hair. 

These are not only facts but also a key to keeping hair healthy. Know your hair and take care of them with proper hair care products and regimens. Don’t let them burn in the sun for long hours or with heat appliances and style them care. Because your hair is your responsibility, so take care before doing any experiment with hair.