10 Practical tips to travel

Do you dream of knowing other countries or destinations, but you always make excuses for money? Do not worry, you are not the only one with that concern, we have all gone through that, so here I want to give you some practical tips to travel and that you go from dream to reality.

The first thing you must understand is that, to travel you don’t have to be a millionaire, it’s all about having determination, so without any more excuses, let’s start!!!

1. Make a list of the destinations you want to know

I can tell you that since I decided to take myself more seriously about traveling, I made an excel table where I have the list of all the countries I want to know, but, but, what is this for?

If you do not have an objective in mind, you will never start the project and you will stay in an unfulfilled dream.

Having the list of places you want to know allows you to prioritize and at the same time focus on your goal. It also allows you to choose the next destination according to your budget.

I know someone whose dream is to go to London, but every time her friends invent a trip to another place, she forgets that her dream is London and ends up knowing other places that maybe she doesn’t want to know.

2. Make a travel budget to find out how much money you need for the trip

Ok, you already know where you want to go, now you need to have a general idea of ​​how much money you need to be able to visit that place. Practical advice to travel

It is vital that you define a term that is when you want to travel, in 1, 2 or 3 years? In a few months? Everything will depend on saving capacity in order to plan.

I tell you a personal experience: my dream was to be able to go to Europe, specifically France and Italy. When I decided I was going it was 3 years before. Maybe you will say it is too long before and many things can happen, if it is an option, but the term at that time was based on my ability to save.

I was paying for college, helping my family and paying my daily expenses, it was impossible for me to go before. I made my plan, made an estimated budget and added an additional percentage because the cost was going to be higher in 3 years.

Already with the clear budget and the objective in mind, I made my plan (the steps mentioned below) and started with my savings. 3 years later I was crying with happiness in front of the Eiffel Tower, for having fulfilled my dream.

3. Get advice

Do not make balls, now the internet gives us a lot of ease to find information, simply put in your search “how much does it cost to travel to…” and voila, you will have an approximate budget.

Ask people who have gone to that place you are planning to visit, to understand more about the cost, what to visit, and what you need to know.

4. Set a savings goal

Little by little the little pot is filled … as I mentioned before, to travel you don’t have to be a millionaire, make small but significant goals, but the key is to be constant. If you save today and not tomorrow, or if you later save what you have saved, you will never achieve it.

Now there are many banks that offer you the option of automatic programmed savings, where they deduct an amount per month from your salary and put it in an account. Open an exclusive travel savings account, where you know that money is untouchable.

5. Save the extra money

If you earned the end of the year bonus, you made extras in your work, you sold items that you no longer need or you got an additional money ticket, don’t think about it a lot and save that money or part of it, then you will see what it was worth worth doing.

In Costa Rica we have something called Christmas bonus that is like a 13th salary or a Christmas bonus, before I got the travel bug, that money didn’t last me for 15 days in my account, I spent it on many unnecessary things and It was going faster than it came.

6. Eliminate unnecessary expenses

Ok this is perhaps the most complicated part of when you want to make a trip. Do you have Netflix, Amazon prime, and cable TV and in addition to this you go to the movies every weekend? Do you buy lunch at the coffee shop every day? Do you buy things because you need them or why you want them?

At this point my best advice is to make a list of all your expenses, including super purchases, entertainment expenses etc. When you have identified all the items, put the amount you spend monthly on those items and now think of ideas to save or reduce expenses.

If you eat every day in the cafeteria at work, you may be surprised at the money you can save if you decide to bring food from your home at least twice a week. Maybe you buy in a supermarket a little further but that has lower prices? Do you really need another pair of shoes? What if you go to the movies once a month instead of every week? What if you paint your nails instead of going to the salon?

7. Every reward has its sacrifice

I know someone who dreams of traveling on a plane and going to the United States, whenever we speak he tells me that he longs to travel as I do and know the snow and other places, however, every time he has money, he goes on vacation to beach hotels. Practical advice to travel

When I asked him why he doesn’t save that money so he can make that trip of his dreams, he told me that they love going to the beach and when he has money he can’t stand the urge to go to the beach.

If you really have the goal of traveling, you have to make sacrifices, instead of going to the beach during the holidays, Easter, December or every holiday or long weekend, you will have to refrain from doing all those trips, of what Otherwise you will never be able to achieve your goal.

8. Do not be afraid to travel alone, that this is not an obstacle to make that trip you want so much

Remember that the trip you want to take is not necessarily the same as other people have in mind that nothing stops you from making that trip that you want to do so much.

Again I talk about my personal experience: when I planned that first trip to Europe, I told my friends, my sister and my boyfriend that I wanted to make that trip.

Everyone said that they were going to go and that we planned it, when the time came, my friends took off, my sister told me to postpone it for another year and I was done with my boyfriend. What did I do? I traveled alone. That did not stop me from making that trip of almost a month in Europe, at first I was afraid, but I can tell you that I enjoyed every minute and met great people during that trip.

9. Live the present also don’t just think about the future

I have learned this over time, if your plan is long term, you will have to be very organized with your money, but it does not mean that you stop living in the present.

You have to make a balance enjoying the road, not just the arrival, saving that money should not become torture.

In the previous points you will have noticed that I say that you save a part of that additional income or that you eliminate a part of your unnecessary expenses. Save with determination, and tie your girdle, but not die trying.

10. Never stop dreaming, remember that the limit is set by you

This is perhaps the advice I like best, remember that the limit is set by you, if your goal is to climb Everest, have a coffee at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, make the trek to Machu Picchu, see the sunrise in a balloon About Cappadocia, don’t let anything cut that dream, make it come true and never stop dreaming that this is how we achieve our goals. I hope that these practical tips to be able to travel, will be very helpful and inspiring to make that trip that you love so much, later I will be talking about planning a trip and what you need to know.