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10 Proven Methods to Inspire and Motivate Your Team

As a leader, your role is vital to the success of your organization. There are many aspects to your job, and one of the key components of leadership is to inspire and motivate those within your team.

Motivate Your Team

In this article, I have collated ten very powerful and proven methods to inspire and motivate your team. No matter the size of your team or the industry you are in, these ten methods will work irrespectively.

Along with other leadership lessons that you have picked up, these 10 methods are sure to help.

Share your vision

Imagine your team is a crew on a yacht; you would have to work together to reach your destination, wouldn’t you? The same goes when leading a team.

If you share a vision of where you wish the team to head, the more engaged your employees will become. They need to know the bigger picture, in order to be as effective as they can. By knowing your vision, they will know their role in it, and they will strive to succeed.

Set clear goals

It’s all fair and well having a larger vision, however, you will need to set some goals to achieve that in the short to medium term. Work together as a team to define some outcomes that are achievable, but at a stretch.

These goals should be inspirational, and not too easy to tick off. If your team gets 90% to achieving them, that should be an achievement in itself.

Offer advancement opportunities

There is nothing worse for an employee than feeling like they are in a dead-end job.

You should be looking for ways to provide opportunities for advancement, whether that be further education opportunities or a more senior-level role.

Don’t micromanage

I bet you don’t enjoy being micromanaged all day, do you? The same goes for others in your team. Don’t stand behind them or tell them exactly what to say and when. Give them the benefit of the doubt, and let them do their jobs.

Set expectations, share and communicate the goals and then let them get on with it – checking in hourly is frustrating and not helpful for them or yourself.

Encourage happiness

The mental health of everyone around you has an effect not only on these individuals but on those around them. Happiness is contagious, yet so is despair.

You should work to ensure your team is happy and content in their work. The disengaged worker who complains all the time will negatively affect the whole team over time.

Don’t gossip

Have you ever had a manager who has spent time complaining to you about a colleague? We all have. The worst part of this is wondering what they say about you to your other colleagues. So don’t do it.

If you have something to say to an employee, bring it up directly with them – not to others in the team.

Create a positive culture

Going back to the happiness point, a positive culture isn’t just about happy employees. Take some time and understand what is involved in establishing and maintaining positive company culture, and get to work on it.

The payoff over time will be far larger than any efforts or incidental costs that you may put into creating it.

Encourage good health

Good mental health is vital and so is physical health. Why not encourage employees to go for a walk at lunch breaks, eat healthy snacks during the day, or perhaps start a company sports team?

I’ve seen some teams hand out wearables to compete on steps each day or have a free fruit bowl in the office to encourage better snacking whilst at work.

Don’t punish mistakes

We are all human. This means, at times, we are prone to making mistakes. It’s one thing recognizing a mistake and working through how to avoid that in the future, and it’s quite another to get angry and punish the employee.

The latter behavior will create angst and an unhappy team very quickly, and you will quickly find people start leaving the team in despair.

Show gratitude

A simple thank you is a powerful motivator for all of us. It needn’t be kept for only large, formal occasions. A great leader should make it a personal habit to regularly thank your employees for various activities or positive outcomes they have been involved in.

A verbal thank you in front of others is a great gesture, or even a handwritten note, rather than an email, does wonders to a person’s emotions and motivation.

In Summary

To recap these ten methods to inspire and motivate others again, they are;

  • Share your vision
  • Set clear goals
  • Offer advancement opportunities
  • Don’t micromanage
  • Encourage happiness
  • Don’t gossip
  • Create a positive culture
  • Encourage good health
  • Don’t punish mistakes
  • Show gratitude

Now that you have these ten methods in mind, I encourage you to go forth and lead your team to success. Here’s wishing you all the best of luck!