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10 Tips To Take Your Boho Dresses To The Next Level

Flowy clothes, chunky jewelry, vintage and ethnic feel combined with the free spirit of the soul is what makes up for a perfect boho feel. This style, with all kinds of boho dresses, has been in trend for a while now and we do not see it leaving the streets any time soon. While dressing up like the true ‘Boho Chic’ looks easy, nailing it can be a little tricky if you have a little exposure to the boho dresses. This is why we have compiled a list of 10 quick tips that can help you create a boho look which is soulful and mesmerizing.

A simple maxi skirt

Maxi skirts are the pieces that can quickly turn anything into amazing boho dresses. You can pair up your plain maxi skirt with a graphic tee, a top with an abstract design or a solid V-neck t-shirt and you will be good to go. Just make sure that the maxi skirt has the perfect puffiness. A highly puffy skirt might just not make for a perfect bohemian statement.

Ankle boots


Very casual footwear

When it comes to boho dresses and styles, you are allowed to skip high heels and stick to the simplest and the most casual footwear. Gladiator style sandals, sneakers or a pair of converse would go with almost any kind of a boho-inspired outfit. Moreover, do not limit yourself to the dark shades of footwear. Experiment with the lighter shades. Try creating a contrast or match them with the bottoms.

Ankle boots

Just in case you wish to stick to heels, you could try completing your dress with some neutral colored ankle boots. Go for the earthy shades of black and brown. Greys are fine with a few boho dresses but brown and tan ankle shoes are exactly what you need. Go for the boots which are loose at the ankles so that you have an option to tuck in your jeans or joggers when required. The best part about wearing boots is the fact that they look super hot and look great with almost any kind of boho style. You can wear them with skinny jeans, maxi skirts, pants and all sorts of boho dresses.

Focus on the colors

Being bohemian is all about being free-spirited and close to nature. Therefore earthly, easy and nature-inspired colors, tones and patterns are what you should be looking at. A few good colors include black, tan, brown, green, orange and yellow. Moreover, opt for natural fabric like cotton, linen, velvet, and chiffon. While leather and fur are also natural, we would recommend not wearing it since they somewhat imply cruelty to the animals.

Lace and other such embellishments

A boho chic loves sporting the lace and crocheted style boho dresses. These patterns are considered to be native to the boho style and thus such patterns on dresses, hats, tops, bags, and shoes can be used to impart a string boho vibe to the complete outfit.

The bag matters

The magic of the bohemian style lies in the freeness depicted by the fashion. Therefore, not only should your clothes be baggy, your bag too needs to be oversized. There is something very obvious about a boho-chic carrying an oversized bag and this is why we recommend going for a big, baggy bag which can prove to be functional as well. Go for a classic or a vintage style if at all possible.

Vintage jewelry

Ditch your thousand dollars watch and stick to the chunkiest and the most vintage jewelry available. It does not have to be a highly refined masterpiece. Any piece of jewelry that looks rough and unpolished is definitely worth adding to the boho look. Try colors like pink and turquoise to compliment your boho dresses.

Vintage jewelry


Avoid bright colors

Bright orange and neon green are definitely not the colors that you need in your boho dress. Turquoise should be the brightest color in your outfit and anything brighter than that is just going to spoil your look. Stick to softer shades as already discussed.

Look beyond the usual sunglasses

All of us love our aviator sunglasses from Ray-Ban but if you are in one of your boho dresses, it is better to opt for sunglasses that are bigger, cool colored and simpler. Oversized sunglasses are going to enhance your boho look but they are no longer in trend. Thus, invest in mid-sized sunglasses that have a different shape and feel happy.


Next, focus on the hairstyle. A good thing about boho dresses is that you do not need to spend hours thinking about the kind of hairstyle that will go with the dress. A messy bun just looks perfect with every boho dress. You could watch a tutorial or two on YouTube and create your own messy bun style.