15 Best Makeup Products In 2019

Best Makeup Products

We all desire to find the best makeup products so that our skin, if it is, for example, oily, looks better or if we want to wear the latest trends in this regard. Among the many top-notch makeup brands that exist, we offered you below the list with the 15 best makeup products in 2019.

1. NYX Professional Makeup

This is one of the favorite brands universally for being high-quality as well as economical. Their prices are of medium-range, and what we like most about their firm are the lipsticks. Try their Lip Line & Load All-in-one that comes with a super fine applicator and leaves a matt color but in a pleasant creamy texture.

2. Nars Cosmetics

NARS Cosmetics is a French company created by makeup artist and photographer Francois Nars in 1994. The cosmetics line began with 12 lipsticks sold in Barneys (New York). Since then, NARS has created several multi-use beauty products and is now a branch of the Shiseido Company. One of the most famous lines of Nars Cosmetics is Orgasm. 

3. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Bobbi Brown is an American makeup artist who created her makeup brand in 1990 when, through a chemist, she achieved ten shades of natural lipsticks. As of 2014, there were approximately thirty Bobbi Brown cosmetics stores. The best-selling product of this brand is the Bobbi Brown mascara.

4. Laura Mercier 

Laura Mercier Cosmetics is a French and American line of cosmetics and skincare that was founded in 1996 by the famous makeup artist Laura. You can’t miss the most famous range of her loose powders to seal the makeup. 

5. Lancôme 

This brand always offers one of the best rated and most classic makeups on the market. Its quality is indisputable since it lasts 24 hours without you having to touch up once. Every makeup product from Lancôme is worth the investment. Also, maintain in mind that you do not need to touch up with this makeup. So in that sense, it should last longer than other types of makeup.

6. 4. Urban Decay

Urban Decay is a subsidiary brand of L’Oreal, and its products are cruelty-free. The favorite Urban Decay products are all of its Naked range. And of all, is the shadow palette.

7. Mary Kay

This brand has a perfect reception among women and gives exceptional results, besides being remarkably cheap. Mary Kay is characterized by having face powders of all types. Their range of mineral powder base is unifying and homogeneous. If you are finding for a powder base makeup to provide the maximum naturalness possible to your look, this new mineral powder base is everything you were looking for and much more.

Do you know what wrinkles, age lines, and imperfections are? Well, you can overlook them because of these unifying powders are the solution to all these problems. Moreover, as the finish is matt, there will be no unwanted shine. Last but not least, maintain in mind that these powders are long-lasting. And if Mary Kay brand mineral powders have convinced you, why not get a specific brush for those powders? Say goodbye to touch-ups!

8.     ArtDeco

Although many may sound little compared to other brands that may be somewhat more popular, we have to tell you that the makeup professionals consider ArtDeco as the best makeup brand.

9. Bourjois

Another of the brands that stand out among the best brands of makeup 2019 is Bourjois. It offers some of the best-valued products on the market. A reference brand, with origin in France, provides professional results for night outs. We highly recommend the 123 Perfect Cream, which is a CC Cream, but that will surprise you with its coverage so that you are not going to need just a concealer and much less, a base.

10. Estée Lauder 

Estée Lauder is a firm that has been active since 1946 to make women look beautiful. The range of makeup products, especially their bases and their cleansers are essential for removing makeup and looking after a beautiful skin. The Double Wear Make Up To support that not only covers all kinds of imperfections and provides a spectacular finish but also was awarded as the Best Makeup Base in the last edition of the Glamor awards.


To talk about Chanel is to make it one of the best fashion firms, but they also have a line dedicated to makeup that is spectacular. Chanel’s makeup collection is not only the best in quality, but the truth is that products such as lipsticks are almost like an investment. As quickly as you apply it on your lips, you will realize that the result is cinematic and, best of all: long-lasting. The Rouge Coco is the must-have classic red color.


Christian Dior makeup products stand out for the exceptional quality, especially eye shadows. Among the best of Christian Dior, we have then a wide variety of eyeshades to always make you look spectacular.

13. MAC

Mac is another makeup brand that stands out in this 2019, and fact has been considered the best for years. In Mac, we find a whole range of makeup products and bases for all types of faces, with long-lasting finishes that guarantee coverage of at least 10 hours. Among the highlights, we could highlight the eye shadows. Mac brushes are undoubtedly the best when it comes to achieving perfect makeup.


The “makeup of professionals”. This is how Max Factor has been promoted for years, and the proof of this is that they have been responsible for the makeup of many Hollywood stars for years. Choose from their bases known for extensive coverage and long-lasting appeal, such as the Skin Luminizer leaves different results.

15. Clinique 

Clinique has been studying how to take care of the skin through makeup for years and has managed to surprise us with products that are suitable for all skin types, especially those that have acne or are mixed or oily skin. Among those Clinique products that you should not miss, we have the Even Better line with really durable bases that also leave a perfect finish.