5 best hair transplant surgery clinics in Mumbai

5 best hair transplant surgery clinics in Mumbai


  1. A hair transplant is a surgery that involves cutting down of hair and transplanting it to the bald and thin areas of the scalp. Therefore, this is good for hair harmony and you.
  2. These days there are around 50% of the people who are facing hair fall and balding problems. This is not a serious problem, you can easily get a solution for this.
  3. There is the number of products available in the market but the best option is to go through a hair transplant surgery.

Getting a hair transplant surgery done is a big option. So, before selecting a clinic you should know some important things. The things that you should know are mentioned below. Have a look:

  1. Before selecting the clinic for hair transplant surgery, you should always check whether the clinic is perfect or not.
  2. You should make sure that the team working on a specific clinic is well experienced or not.
  3. You should check the ratings and reviews of the people for that specific clinic.
  4. You should ask your surgeon about their successful transplant story. It is your duty to ask them for a portfolio to.

These are the things that you should always keep in mind before finding a clinic for surgery. Now, we will discuss some best clinics of hair transplant in Mumbai. Mumbai is the best and well-known place for hair transplant surgery. So, let’s discuss the best clinics in Mumbai, have a look:


According to a survey, we came to the point that Dr. Viral Desai clinic is the fifth-best clinic for hair transplant in Mumbai. Dr. Viral Desai comes from a family of renowned doctors and is very much keen about hair and plastic surgery.

  1. This is a clinic having 3 and a half stars out of 5. Therefore, the success rate is about 78%. Let’s talk about why this clinic is considered the best:
  2. Dr. Viral Desai himself is a very experienced doctor. He did cosmetic, aesthetic surgery and laser training at Singapore General Hospital.
  3. The team he is having is also well experienced. They have learned each and everything under his guidance.
  4. All the new technologies are used by surgeons for treating the hair. These are the reasons why Dr. Viral Desai clinic is considered best in Mumbai.

Dr. Rajesh Rajput clinic is rated the fourth-best clinic of hair transplant in Mumbai. This hair transplant clinic is having 3 and a half stars with 80% success ratings. You can also check the ratings and reviews on the internet. Let’s discuss why this clinic is best:

  1. Dr. Rajesh is a well-experienced doctor because he has trained more than 150 doctors from India as well as abroad.
  2. For the past 25 years, he is practicing this profession. He has done around 5000 hair transplants till now. He started this work in 1992 and now has become a famous transplant surgeon.
  3. Therefore, the clinic is well equipped with the latest technologies.
  4. He can perform all the different types of hair transplant surgeries. Therefore, the success rates of the surgery are 100%, if proper care is given to the patient. If not, there are chances for complications.

Enhance clinics are rated the third-best clinics in Mumbai. You can check on the internet. These are the clinics having 4 stars out of 5 and the success rates are around 80%. Let’s discuss why this clinic is the best:

  1. The doctors here can perform all the different types of surgery.  Hence, the clinic is equipped with the latest instruments and technologies.
  2. Many of the celebrities came here for their hair transplant and are very much happy with the results.
  3. This is a clinic that gives free consultation, before surgery. First of all, they find the root cause and tell you if you can go through the surgery or not.

This is the second-best clinic for hair transplant in Mumbai. The ratings of this clinic are very much high. To know the ratings you can check the official website.

  1. This is a clinic having well trained international doctors. The surgeries done by them are 100% successful.
  2. This is a clinic where the doctors use international standard technologies to treat their patients. This is why it is the second-best clinic of Mumbai.

Dr. Batra’s clinic of hair transplant is the option if you are in Mumbai. There are so many reasons that make this clinic the best. Let’s discuss:

  1. Find the root cause:

The first and most important thing that the doctors of this clinic do is find the root cause of the problems you are facing. They give you free consultations and advice first. After treating you- they give you suggestions if you can go for surgery or not.

  • Well experienced doctors:

All the doctors working here are well experienced. The doctors are internationally trained and are having more than 25 years of experience.Finding well experienced doctors will be good for your hair harmony and you.

  • Branches all over:

These are the clinics that are having branches all over the world. So, if you are thinking of a hair transplant surgery, then go and find a Dr. Batra clinic in your city. Before setting up the mind for hair transplant surgery, it is important to take information about the doctors as well as the clinic. So, go and start searching for your surgeon and surgery clinic today only.