7 Best Wedding Gift Ideas that Every Couple wants

Wedding Day is the most important day of a person’s life. It is the new start of their life journey. Weddings are auspicious functions where two people take promises of staying together for the whole life in presence of God. And we relatives and friends make these occasion more special by our presence. We spend some wonderful time together joking and having fun that it becomes a memorable day in everyone’s life. But sometimes we get confused about what we can gift for the wedding.

So here we are to help you out with the 7 best wedding gift ideas that every couple wishes to have.

1 – Love Box Spinning Heart Messenger

This is a very modern take on traditional love letters. This love box works with an app. You have to download that app and send whatever message you want to send to your beloved. When you will send the message the heart on the wooden box will spin notifying your beloved that she has got the message. This is a very cute and loving wedding box which every couple desires to have. One can send messages from any corner of the world. One more exciting feature here is the receiver can send lots of heart to the sender’s screen by spinning the heart.

2 – His and Her Key Holders

Every time we buy gifts we make sure it is cute as well as a utility thing so that it would be used by the user. This gift is one such thing for the newly married couple. After marriage, the couple usually shifts to a new house! So, here we have separate lady and gents key holder which have male and female figurine on it. This will look so quirky and it would of use to a new couple too as they can hang their car and house keys separately. It can be wall mounted at the entrance so that they never lose their keys.

His and Her Key Holders

3 – Wood Watch Box for Couple

The couple for sure are going to receive so many watches as gifts for their wedding. And it is going to be a tough job to keep these watches at a safe place. So, you can gift them this couple watch box made of wood which has lovely linen linens and classy brass accents that would add to their fancy collection. It can be placed in their bedroom in their showcase it will also be used as a good house decor item.

4 – Neon Heart Table Lamp

This is one of my personal favorite wedding gifts you can gift your friends who are getting marries. This is a beautiful neon pink night lamp which is heart shaped. This neon pink heart-shaped lamp will turn on the romantic atmosphere when the couple would head towards the bedroom. This also looks very pretty as a night or evening house decor as it will give a warm red lighted glow to your bedroom.

5 – Set of two Etched Skyline Wine Glasses

If the couple who is getting married fond of Wine than gift them this beautiful pair of skyline etched wine glasses and a fine wine bottle. The glasses have the skyline of their favorite city wrapped around as a panoramic view. You can get the skyline customized according to their favorite city in the world. With this, they can spend a nice cosy evening drinking wine assuming they are in sitting in front of their world’s favorite skyline and spend quality time together. Buy wine online to get a wide range of options to choose from.

6 – Sterling Silver Double Heart Couple Necklace

This is a pair of two necklaces which has two rose gold hearts on the necklace which says Mr & Mrs. This is a useful gift because whenever the bride or groom steps out people will get the idea they, he or she is already taken. This necklace also gives a sense of being constantly loved by someone. The hearts on the necklace can also be engraved with the initials or birthdates of the couple.

7 – Love Flower Bouquet

If it is no gifts accepted wedding then no gift is better than a huge beautiful rose’s bouquet in the shape of the heart. This would be unique and the couple could click amazing pictures using it as a prop and have some lifetime memory. Send flowers online for a wedding if you cannot attend it.

Thus, give these romantic gifts in form of blessings and convey your love and best wishes to them. We are sure this newly married couple would admire these romantic gifts and cherish for a lifetime.