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7 Laptop Maintenance Tips for Longer Device Life

Carrying a laptop is more suitable for most working people than being tied to a table with a non-portable computer. But similar to any other devices, the Laptops are victims of the damages. But with good care, gentle use and constant maintenance, your equipment will last for years to come. As we know a laptop is costly to change, it’s necessary that you know how to take care of it.

Laptop Maintenance Tips

Here are 7 ways you can better take care of your laptop:

Give your battery a break

Batteries will ultimately die no matter what, but there are a few precautions you can take to extend its life. Keeping your laptop plugged in can damage your battery quicker. The key reason is the way these lithium-polymer batteries work. Every cell in a lithium-polymer battery is charged to a voltage level and the greater the charge percentage, the higher the voltage level. If the voltage level is high, then the battery is put under more stress. The best charging level for a battery is about 80 % before you should unplug and let it down to 40%. Doing this can extend your battery span by as much as 4 times.

Always Have Your Firewall Running

Your operating system’s firewall is your device’s initial wall of protection against malware. With exceptional omissions, it should always be on and running.

This is definitely essential when you’re installing new programs, and doubly so when you’ve downloaded the program files from a source other than the developer or manufacturer. If you are suspicious your firewall is fouling up your computing experience, find the relevant program’s developer for troubleshooting tips.

Clean your Hard Disk

The way you maintain the hard disk as hardware, you should take care of its data similarly. Loading needless and huge files can make your laptop slow as the hard drive will take more time to load the data. Keeping unwanted files will decrease the life of the hard drive, and it’ll slow the system performance. The Disk Cleanup utility in Windows and other third-party disk cleanup apps will help you to delete the excessive files and clean up the hard drive.

 Keep Your Laptop Clean

And now we’re talking about cleaning your laptop physically often. Cleaning your laptop can avoid overheating and prevent those horrible dust bunnies from constructing inside your laptop fans and exposed ports that can cause problems. Cleaning the display also means you’ll always view your data visibly, it’ll be much relaxed for the eyes. Keeping your case dust free and dirt buildup will help your laptop by avoiding that dirt from getting inside the laptop.

Update your software and firmware

This is one of the most important things you can do for the long life and safety of your system. And fairly so — you wouldn’t be able to get long lifespan out for your laptop for years if it were totally occupied by viruses, otherwise. Because of how tenacious hackers and cybercriminals can be, software and hardware developers are continuously launching new updates to keep the safety of their systems as constant as possible. Though there maybe one or two bad updates, security patches should not be ignored.

Be careful about eating and drinking

Defending your laptop’s hardware is usually a matter of carefulness. You can evade most of the common dangers of Keeping food and drink away from the laptop. Spill liquid on your desktop keyboard, and you’ll have to use few bucks on a general replacement you can plugin yourself. Trip it on your laptop keyboard, and you may short out the motherboard. So use your laptop in safe environments. The Laptop protection plan is important if you plan on taking your laptop more of the place like cafes, pantry areas or a few feet from your office.

Regularly Delete Unwanted Programs

Once in awhile check your system for unwanted programs that aren’t clearly malicious. Professionals called such programs “bloatware,” and they can harmfully affect your device’s performance when permitted to accumulate over time.

To spot bloatware, close numerous open applications as you can, then start your system’s task manager and see how many applications they actually identify. You’ll be surprised at how many programs still open in the background, using up system resources. Though some such programs are crucial system processes, many are minor and can safely be removed.

The laptop is a pretty exclusive and delicate gadget, taking good care of it is important. So, try these Laptop maintenance tips and maintain your laptop for better performance and longer life of the laptop.