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7 Styling Tricks To Make Your Face Look Slimmer Without Contouring

We all know that there’s no makeup trick to achieve perfect sculpted cheekbones and chiseled jawline better than the art of contouring. The makeup gurus in online tutorials and makeup courses make it seem easy and effortless: Just draw some brown lines on your hairline, temples, cheekbones, nose, and jawline, blend them out, and you’re done.

However, not all of us has the skill to pull off this complex, daunting routine without looking like one of the casts of The Lion King on Broadway.

So for the some of us with round, bun-like face, who don’t possess crazy contouring skills at all, we need simpler alternatives. Luckily, there are other ways to create a slimmer-looking face with makeup and styling.

  1. Make your eyes pop

A more dramatic eye makeup will create a focal point and draw attention away from the rest of your face. Makeup tricks such as using black eyeliner, smoky eye makeup, and a volumizing mascara can make the eyes pop.

Balance out the bolder eye makeup with neutral lips. Think of nude shades or a natural light gloss.

  1. Rock the winged eyeliner

The way you line your eyes can be a transformative makeup technique. Having an eyeliner that’s angled higher than usual helps pull the attention upward, giving the illusion of having a slender appearance.

Don’t follow the natural shape of your eyes or line downward – go for a winged liner, which extends from the highest point of the eye shape (above the iris) toward the ear. You can also extend the line towards your brows for a bolder look.

  1. Fill in your brows too

Do you have thin eyebrows? It’s time to fill them in. Thick, angular brows help your face appear thinner by adding contour and a point of interest.

  1. Apply blush the right way

It takes only your favorite blush to create a leaner-looking face. The key is to NOT apply blush on the apples of your cheeks but to apply it slightly higher and blend it out towards your temples. This technique is called “draping” and it works to draw the attention upward. You can also opt for a more bronzed hue to add warmth to your skin under your cheekbones.

Worried about double chin? If you have a bronzer, you can brush it along the jawline to define the area. This is quite close to traditional contouring but made simpler. No need for those hard to blend contouring sticks.

  1. Highlight the middle of your face

Many tutorials for undereye concealers show them being blended out towards the temples or sides of your face – don’t follow these, for these will only make your face look broader. Keep lighter concealers and shimmering highlighting powders to the middle of your face. If you’ve got a wider face, try to keep the application of your concealer to the region beneath your eyes.

  1. Glow on

Never doubt the power of a well-placed highlighter.

Highlight your bone structure by placing a little illuminator along the top of your cheekbone, extending toward the temple (but not directly on the temples, which could create the opposite of the desired effect).

Don’t forget to place highlighter on the top of the bridge and tip of the nose, cupid’s bow, and center of the chin to create an instant “depuffing” effect, thus creating a longer, leaner face.

  1. Add volume and depth to your hair

Hair that lies too flat or straight can make your full space appear even bigger. Adding slight volume in the crown is the key. You can lightly tease the hair near the crown of your head while keeping the rest smooth and past your shoulders.

When it comes to hair color, opt for lowlights, which means to have the section of hair around your face dyed a shade darker than your overall hair color. This will create more depth and shadow, slimming the sides of your face visually.

  1. Rethink your bangs too

Having bangs can be a hit or miss situation. Soft side swept bangs frame the face naturally. Longer layers help downplay a rounder shape. Avoid short bangs, which only make your face seem wider and rounder.

Author Bio: Mina Natividad is a resident writer for Napoleon Perdis Makeup Courses, a leading luxury makeup brand in Australia, which prides itself in delivering top of the line cosmetics and makeup courses. Sticking to the heart of the cosmetics brand, she aims to empower women with articles about style and beauty.