7 Ways Video Content Help You Dominate Your Niche

7 Ways Video Content Help You Dominate Your Niche

According to one recent study, it’s estimated that more than 82% of all online traffic will be video-based by as soon as 2021. Video Content It may sound like, that video is an all-encompassing trend aimed at taking an all-encompassing audience and making it even larger, but its true power actually rests in a decidedly different area:


It’s been written in the past, just how important targeting a specific niche versus “the largest audience possible” is critical to your long-term success. Video content can help you double down on these efforts, taking the success you’ve already generated and propelling it even further. In fact, there are seven core ways that video content can help you not just engage with your niche but truly dominate it that are absolutely worth exploring.

1. You Go Directly to Your Audience

One of the most immediate ways that video – and more specifically, OTT or “over the top” services – allow you to dominate your niche comes by way of the fact that you’re taking your content directly to your audience. In a lot of ways, it eschews a lot of the principles of traditional marketing and cuts out the middlemen. Instead of spending a lot of money on content, and then spending a lot of money on trying to promote that content through various channels filled with people who may or may not be interested in the first place, you’re drawing a straight line between “what you have to say” and “people who want to hear it.” We’ve seen this happen with online forums for ages – there’s literally a forum for every topic you can imagine. OTT services are no different, allowing you to slice off your own special corner of the Internet in a way that is easy to find and even easier to engage with for the people who are naturally drawn to that type of content in the first place.

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2. The Power of Influencers

Video content is also a perfect opportunity to dominate your niche because it allows you to wield the power of influencers to your advantage. Instead of hosting every video you create, you can find relevant creators to come in and “guest host” or create similar content of their own for your particular service. Not only does your existing audience get the benefit of hearing from or seeing someone with an opinion they already put a great deal of stock in, but that influencer’s own audience then has a chance to become a part of your own. People have been doing this on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram, with flyers, and infographics, for ages and there’s absolutely no reason why the video has to be any different.

3. Exploiting the Gaps

Another one of the reasons why video is so powerful in this regard has to do with gaps that may exist in how your niche operates. By taking the time to learn what type of content your audience enjoys, you put yourself in a better position to see which outlets are properly serving them – and, more importantly, which ones aren’t. You can then get even more specific in your content, filling those gaps and compounding your success. You can create an online school filled with educational lessons that A) exist within your niche, but B) are targeted at areas that other people aren’t rising to meet. At that point, it’s almost like you’ve created a niche on a niche – and you’ve attracted a huge amount of attention at the same time.

4. The Art of Showing, Not Telling

One of the most important ways to truly dominate your niche involves articulating your value in any way that you can – and video, by its very nature, is a powerful tool to that end. Instead of writing a 1,000-word blog post about what you do and why it matters, you can literally show people instead. You can give product demonstrations, talk about your services, educate people on how to get the most out of their purchase – all in a way that they can see first hand instead of having to read about, which is a much more passive endeavor. If you want people to buy into the fact that what you have to say is important, you need to show them, not tell them, why that is the case. You’d be hard pressed to find a more effective way to do that than video.

5. Accessibility Matters

Another one of the major ways that video can help you dominate your niche involves the accessibility of the content you’re creating. When you partner with a provider like Uscreen, your content is available on A) a branded platform, that can be accessed B) on literally any device with an active Internet connection. Someone can watch your content on their computer. Their tablet. Their smartphone. Their game console. Their smart television set. The list goes on and on. By simply making your content more accessible than ever before, you increase the likelihood that people will choose to engage with it – as well as find it on their own without you needing to go look for them.

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6. It Makes Pivoting Within Your Niche Easier Than Ever

Niches change all the time – that’s part of the “give and take” that comes with the level of specificity you’re talking about. But with a flexible, versatile OTT video content distribution platform at your side, your audience’s interests suddenly changing isn’t something you have to worry about.

Instead, it can be an opportunity.

Take Tmilly.TV, for example – which is a site that teaches people choreography to popular dance routines. Originally, Tmilly started out selling products and line events. When they sensed that their audience’s interests in that particular model were starting to wane, they pivoted – and now they have a very successful video subscription model where people get access to all of their programming in exchange for a fixed monthly fee. What would have been devastating without such flexibility was an opportunity to take a good thing and make it even better – such as the power that video brings to the table?

7. “… in One Fell Swoop”

Finally, it’s important to not discount the overall positive effect that video as a format can have over almost every aspect of your current operations. Not only is video naturally more engaging than static print content, but it significantly helps with your search engine rankings, too. It helps to build trust in the brand that you’re trying to create and that in turn will give way to increased sales – whether it’s in the form of more videos or your actual products and services presentations. What you have then is a perfect storm in the best possible way – an effort that quickly starts to generate its own momentum, building, and building until you’re left with an end result that is hard for your specific niche to ignore. If you’ve ever wondered if launching an SVOD platform is truly the right step for you to take at this particular moment, look no farther than that reason alone.