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8 Awesome Smart Appliances For a Smarter Home

What if all your home appliances could connect to the internet and could take your commands and send you the information in real-time? In simple words, an intelligent home uses internet-connected devices to manage appliances and other systems with minimal physical effort-key component of home automation.

Smart Appliances

Not only smartphones and computers but everything: water heaters, appliances, doorbells, cameras, clocks, speakers, lights, cooking utensils, windows, window blinds are becoming smarter day by day. This is what we call ‘smart home’.

Here’s a rundown of the best smart appliances that every homeowner should invest in.

Smart Lighting

Installing smart lights is a great idea. They are more costly than traditional light bulbs, but there are a few good reasons to buy them. The smart bulb uses less power (energy-efficient), lasts longer, and is easier to control. The bulbs come with voice control features and also integrates with Alexa and Siri (voice assistants) to help you control your lights remotely with a smartphone.

Smart Home Sensors

With the growth of other home appliances, smart sensors like water usage sensors, smoke detectors, temperature sensors, and air quality devices become more prevalent these days. These sensors give you peace of mind that your water pipes and home ventilation setup is running consistently throughout the day. Many of the sensors are battery-powered and wireless, allowing you to place them anywhere you like. However, the position of these sensors does matter for it to perform smartly.

Also, these sensors are pocket-friendly and not incur any unnecessary cost.

Smart Window Blinds

When you think of smart home, most probably chances are that you skip the idea to automate your curtains, blinds, and other light blockers. Motorized window blinds which you can raise and lower with a push of a button may sound like the stuff of multi-million dollar mansions and luxury hotels. But it is not like this. These days, there is a range of more affordable window coverings that you can control with just a voice command or a button.

Smart Thermostats Fine

Did you know Smart thermostats can help reduce your monthly heating and cooling costs? Yes, as per studies, automatic thermostats can save your energy bills up to10 to 25 percent. They provide savings by analyzing your heating and cooling patterns and adjusting your home temperature automatically while you’re sleeping or away. Or you can say that these smart devices can learn your habits and control you from needlessly unused cooling or heating spaces. But you should also know that how much energy these automatic systems could save will depend on the size of your house, your habits, type of HVAC system installed, temperature settings, and other factors.

Electric Lawn Mowers

No doubt, our home lawn takes a lot of our time, energy, and water to maintain. Being a homeowner, you must have noticed that your electricity cost is highly variable climates is high. This may be because you’re using old-designed lawn mowers that consume a lot of energy and is the biggest reason for high billing. Now, its time to replace it with a highly programmable sprinkler control system ‘electric lawnmowers’ that operate well if you have solar panels installed and are significantly cheaper as compared to traditional gas-powered tools. Moreover, these automatic mowers are more convenient and better for the environment.

Smart Home Security Products

When it comes to your home security, manage it through the latest technology smart devices that take your security to the next level. Digital home security products are must-haves as they allow you to access live videos when you’re not at home. It provides you with peace of mind that your assets and property are safe and secure. But before you install these devices, make sure you have a strong internet connection; otherwise, you won’t be able to access live videos.

Inverter Air Conditioners

Inverter AC is more economical than non-inverter one. It saves you more energy while still being affordable and environmentally friendly. A conventional AC starts multiple times each day and so the compressor runs at peak capacity-which consumes a lot of energy. Considering this issue, the manufacturers of leading air conditioner brands have introduced inverter AC which is now the choice of many homeowners. So, if you’re also tired of paying hefty electricity bills, invest in smart AC technology now.

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Smart Refrigerator

A newer model fridge is much more efficient and power-friendly as compared to their predecessors. It comes with a European standard compressor that has a direct or turbo-cooling system (cool things in 1.5 times quicker than traditional ones). Furthermore, these latest technology fridges are pocket-friendly and come with sensors & alerts, humidity & temperature control, filtration, and connectivity features.