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8 Great Newborn Baby Care Tips for New Parents

The most adorable experience is to have a baby for the first time. Everyone has been through this phase wearing new parent shoes. It is an amazing feeling with huge anticipation in your mind.

Maybe you have prepared yourself from before for this, still, you will have a few things that need some help or can make you scared at times.

Being a new parent is exciting as well as scary journey. One of the exciting deeds during your baby’s birth is to find the most-loved name out of many baby boy names or baby girl names.

You want to give your best for taking care of your first child with everything you have. There are numerous questions or worries that can arise. Why is he crying? Are you feeding the baby properly? Is he getting enough sleep? The list is endless. 

Small Baby sleeping
Baby Sleeping

Here are 8 newborn baby care tips that you may need to be a bit more confident in your parenting.

  • Consider taking guidance and help 

The first thing that should come to your mind is not to do everything by yourself. After birth, mummies need to recover and daddies need to juggle various responsibilities.

  • It is sensible if you take help from others who have earlier experience in parenting like your mom or mother-in-law. They will guide you when needed.
  • At home, try to hire a nurse or nanny if possible to take care of the baby. 
  • Ask advice from experts who can guide you in a better way.
  • Mind what to eat while breastfeeding period

You have to keep an eye on the things you consume while you are in breastfeeding period. The food you eat matters for the baby as it goes through breast milk.

  • No smoking and drinking alcohol as it affects the baby.
  • Try to avoid spicy food.
  • Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. 
  • Consume protein-rich food and cereals that will provide strength to you.
  • General care of the newborn

Try to consider basic dos and don’ts while handling babies:

  • Keep your hands clean. Newborn babies are prone to infections. Wash your hands or use sanitizer every time before holding your baby.
  • Trim your nails as safety measures.
  • Always hold the baby by neck and head as their neck bone is not strong enough to hold the head. 
  • While travelling, use a stroller, car seat or a baby carrier whenever necessary. 
  • Bodily movements of babies have to be gentle and with a lot of care. Do not shake them or no harsh movements for fun playing with them.
  • Comforting babies

Crying is the only form of communication that a newborn baby knows. So do not worry much and follow these basic things.

  • Try feeding him as he can be hungry.
  • Check his diapers for a stool or over urination.
  • Gentle massage on his hands and legs can soothe him from any discomfort.
  • Burp him gently after breastfeeding to release his gases out.
  • Singing lullaby or swinging gently in your arms will help him to sleep.
  • Bonding

Normally babies spend maximum time with mothers. Father or other members of the family get less chance for developing attachment. So to create a bond between the newborn babies with them, it is necessary to spend some time. It will help the mother as well to relax for some time.

  • Skincare tips

The baby possesses a very delicate skin that is prone to infections and rashes. Intense care is needed for infants.

  • Choose the right kind of diapers for your baby. 
  • Use wet wipes for babies for cleaning their bottom. It contains moisturizer and other skincare elements.
  • The cloth material plays a huge role in the baby skin. Keep a check on the material that gives any allergic reaction or redness of skin or itchiness. Avoid that material and use comfortable clothes.
  • Baby care cream or baby care oil is a must for little ones to keep their skin moisturized.
  • How to diaper

A baby urinates or soils diapers many times in a day. It is up to you whether you want to use cloth or diapers. 

  • The right size and comfortable diapers are vital for the baby.
  • Check for rashes or irritation on the baby’s butt cheeks. If found switch to some other brand or material.
  • Using water to clean the bottom of the baby can also be done. 
  • Wet soft baby wipes are gentle to the skin. 
  • Bathing rules

Babies cannot be given regular bath like adults. But it is also crucial to give him a bath to make him feel fresh at least two to three times a week.

  • A sponge bath is good until his umbilical cord falls off. 
  • Make sure of the temperature of the water. 
  • Use baby soap and shampoo for him. 
  • Always fresh clothes and fresh diapers need to be used after a bath.

Try to enjoy every bit of this roller coaster ride of life. The above tips will help you to cope up in this stage of the journey.