8 Instagram Stories Hacks to Give You a Creative Edge

Instagram is considered to be one of the popular photo and video sharing application. It is a great technique to make new friends. You will be having a fantastic time over there, and you can able to share your favorite food, pets, and much more. If you are a regular user of the application, you will know how it is essential to put stories rather than just only posting the photos. Stories are the prominent element if you need to get notified on the platform. So, it is essential to publish the stories which are fun to watch and informative. 

How to dazzle your followers?

Want to surprise your audience with your stories adding some creativity in it? You should keep on reading this to know about the hacks. The application offers some benefits if people have more supporters on their page, so it is essential to Buy Instagram Followers In Malaysia. Here are some of the tips and tricks to get more views on your next IG story. 

  1. Add some drop-shadow effect 

You have to tap on the Aa icon, which is present at the top right of the page, and then start typing the content. Again tap on the same button to write the same message using a different color. Then move the text one over the other to get the drop-shadow effect. 

  • Create the content in GIF format

Boomerang features will help to create a quick and looped video that is similar to GIF format. So, have to check out the different media constantly. 

  • Use solid background 

Click the pen icon and choose the marker, then pick some color. Just tap and grip the display for few seconds. Now it will fill the color you have chosen. Need to reveal a bit of a photo? Use the tool eraser to get the desired effect. 

  • Display the video backward

Create some video using rewind mode, which will help you to create the video to play backward. So, make use of it to create an innovative story. 

  • Tag your location 

When you are in need of getting a bunch of views, this trick will help to get the result. Another benefit of tagging the location is the capacity to have your content in the location story. 

  • Use selfie stickers 

Hit the sticker icon and then choose the camera option, take selfies. You can add a white border as well. Now it is the time to move the sticker and place it wherever you want. 

  • Create a collage picture 

There are many apps available on the play store for making collage pictures. When you do not want to use other applications, you can make it using Instagram alone. 

  • Use emoji in video 

Using this trick, you can able to add a surprise element to the stories. Add some clown stickers in order to make the aspects seemed at the right moment.  By following the tricks mentioned above, get the attention of your fans. When you are in need to Buy Instagram Followers In Malaysia, then use some reputed agencies to get them at an affordable price.