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8 Survival Tips to Optimize eCommerce Sites for Voice Searches

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Over a decade, the voice search is gradually changing the way how customers are searching for the latest products, services or brands. The technology giants like Apple and Google are constantly coming up with new features to improve virtual assistants and combining the revolutionary concept of artificial intelligence with their strategies to establish trust among customers for their favorite brands. Therefore, voice interference technologies like Alexa, Siri, Cortana or Google voice search are able to smartly respond to the customers’ verbal queries in no time. Today, as the majority of the global population has switched to mobile devices, most of the eCommerce sales are generated from mobile devices than laptops or desktops. In addition, according to OC&C Strategy Consultants, eCommerce sales generated through voice searches are expected to reach $40 billion by 2022 with 50% of customers expected to be leveraging voice search shopping as well. Therefore, if you have an eCommerce website and invested in premium SEO services packages, you should also consider including optimizing your eCommerce website for voice searches in your SEO plans for your eCommerce website.

Now that you understand the importance of optimizing your eCommerce website for voice searches, here are a few quick tips to help you with your eCommerce voice SEO. Including these survival tips in your SEO plans for the eCommerce website will definitely bring in a noticeable difference in your online visibility and ROI generation.

  1. Conquer the Coveted “Position Zero” on Google

Every business aspires to show up and remain on the first page of Google. However, this is only possible, if you have a business website and implement effective SEO plans for the eCommerce website or blogging website. Hiring a professional SEO company for their full-fledged and proven SEO services packages can help you conquer the coveted number #1 rank on Google.

  • Test and Optimize Your Website’s Loading Speed

The fast loading speed of your eCommerce website is crucial for engaging your customers and converting leads into sales. Low speed can cause you to lose tons of traffic and even online visibility. Therefore, it is essential that you review the loading speed of your eCommerce website and ensure it is loading within 3 seconds.

  • Focus More on Voice Search Queries

Voice search queries are slightly different from typed search queries. Voice searches are more casual and friendly and generally include the trigger words such as What, Who, How, Where, When, Can, Does, or Define. You may insert these keywords in your targeted keywords or long-tail keywords and optimize your web pages with them.

So, instead of creating keywords like “best riding jackets”, you may use keywords like “shops selling the best riding jackets in Sydney”.

  • Create a Mobile Responsive eCommerce Website

Researches reveal that almost half of the internet searches will be done using voice search by 2020 as most of the consumers will be using voice assistants for various purposes, which definitely includes voice shopping. With the majority of the consumers switching to mobile devices, it has become mandatory for online marketers to build mobile-responsive eCommerce websites so that potential customers can enjoy shopping at their fingertips. You may consider approaching a professional SEO company for their powerful SEO services packages that will help you build mobile-responsive eCommerce websites with intuitive designs and user experience.

  • Use Schema Markups and Structured Data for Successful SEO

Schema markups and structured data help Google to display your eCommerce website with unique search appearance elements such as product name, price, band, stock availability, and size. These elements do not affect your ranking, instead, they help Google to understand the function and purpose of a particular web page and provide ‘Rich Results’ to the potential customers.

  • Optimize Local Searches

Mobile searches are considered local searches and therefore, optimizing your eCommerce website for voice searches can work wonders for your business growth. Make sure you focus more on your local potential customers who are looking for your products or services in your locality. Always remember, for running a successful business, first you need to reach your local audience and then reach out to your global audience.

  • Add FAQs on Your eCommerce Website

Humans are inquisitive in nature and always look for answers to their questions on the major search engines. You must always try to reach them at the time of their need and answer their questions in real-time. Adding FAQs with all the possible questions and their useful answers can help you build authority and improve your online visibility. You must also consider including relevant long-tail keywords and question phrases in your content so that you’re able to answer your customers’ queries in the best possible way.

  • Improve Site Navigation and User Experience

The haphazard arrangement of menu or paths tend to confuse customers, as a result, there is a high possibility that they will leave your website quickly. Use simple yet meaningful text in your menu to help your customers understand and locate on which webpage they are currently.

Moreover, you must enhance your website design, structure, and user experience to ensure that your customer has an enjoyable shopping experience with your e-store. Easy site navigation and enhanced user experience also ensure that your customers stay longer and explore more on your website which ultimately increases the chances of conversion.


If you care about your business, then make sure you use these 8 voice SEO tips when implementing SEO plans for eCommerce websites. Smart technologies and voice searches have brought a revolution in the SEO and digital marketing industry where companies are trying to focus more on voice SEO and coming up with proven voice SEO techniques through their SEO services packages.

After envisioning the future of voice searches, are you going to leverage the use of voice SEO for your eCommerce website?