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9 Pro Tips for Creating More Engaging and Optimized Content

“Content Isn’t KING, it’s the kingdom”. Yes, you read it right and it is very much true. Every brand today has realized the value of social media and how it is a strong pillar on which their brand stands. But, the whole foundation of the brand stands on the content. Content is the communication between a brand and its audiences. What you communicate through your content will decide the reputation of your company. Content is very powerful in this digital world. The content you publish on a social platform may make or break your image/ reputation completely. As a content creator, you must be on your toes to catch up with other players in the market. It is a rapidly growing industry, thus a lot of competition is involved to come on top.

Here are 9 pro Tips for Creating More Engaging and Optimized Content.


As a content creator, it is very important for you to empathize with your audience. Your audience follows you because they look up to you and expect you to deliver content that they can relate to.

Keep a track of their reactions on every content you post and try to give them what they expect. Also, it is essential to respond to their comments and make them feel important. Make your audience think.

“The only way to win at content marketing is for the reader to say, ‘This was written specifically for me.”


Never the less uniqueness in content is always appreciated. Put your personality in your blog, share your personal stories, Express your “point of view” on a product or service.

People always want to know “what’s new.” Although it is not easy to cope up with so much of competition and how much ever unique you try to be, you end up having similar ideas to someone. But, the key here is to share your personal experiences that are uniquely yours.


Your true personality reflects on your content. Don’t blindly follow other bloggers/ influencers, just be original in your content Share your experiences, write about your stories. Ideas might be similar but humans are not. Everyone is different and has different personalities which will always show in your blog.

Also, in the process of pleasing your audience, you must not forget about the whole idea of why you chose a particular niche.


Creative visuals, language and graphics will always catch attention and will promote engagement

Use more images, weblinks, videos, memes, and gifs to stimulate your readers. Visuals receive more likes, comments, and shares as compared to textual content.

Infographics are shared and liked “3x times” in comparison to any other visuals. Pinterest can be a great reference for searching for trending visuals.

Use high-quality visuals and create your ones using software like Canva and photoshop. Use bright colors and readable yet adequate amount of text in your infographics.

48% of marketers are making YouTube videos a priority. And 46% plan to focus on Facebook video.

“Good content isn’t storytelling. It’s telling your story well.”


Make your headlines stand out. The first thing your audience gets attracted to is your HEADLINE, so give it some thought.


Your content must be easily readable to the viewers. It should be in bullets. Must contain “pointers, heading, and sub-headings”.

Follow a theme throughout your blog. Keep your text short and precise. Use space wherever necessary.


Custom content is the new big thing in the content marketing world. Custom content is essential to retain your existing customers rather than pulling new customers. It may either be a branded content or brand-relevant content that may attract your audience more precisely. Learn the art of managing and distributing content on various platforms with the help of Digital Marketing by Best Institute for Digital Marketing Course in Delhi.


Who doesn’t like “free” stuff?

Conduct contests and surveys that involve giveaways and goodie bags, it will help you engage with your audiences.


Hashtags are one of the most popular things on social media. It helps you connect with audiences related to your niche. It helps in increasing visibility. Use relevant hashtags, those related to your niche and have good volume.


There are many tricks to engage your audiences on social media platform but the challenge here is to think out of the box. Everyone wants to think different yet there is so much competition that somewhere or the other you still end up having similar ideas to other people.

One thing that I did not mention earlier is that you must always analyze your past performance and only then create future content based on the responses from your audiences.

These tips can be used as your go-to checklist for your next content creation.

In today’s digitally obsessed world you need to keep your social media ball game rolling, Hence these tips will help you accelerate your career in this industry.