A Complete Guide About How You Can Apply For Tourist Australian Visa

A Complete Guide About How You Can Apply For Tourist Australian Visa For Filipinos

The tourist Australian visa subclass 600 allows the applicant to visit Australia for tourism. This visa includes seeing friends and family, holidays, other than any medical treatment or business visit.

Tourist Australian Visa

Purpose of the visa subclass 600

The main purpose of the Australian visa subclass 600 are mentioned below:

  • The application allows seeing their family and friends.
  • The applicant visit to Australia as a tourist. Business visit or medical treatment is allowed by this visa subclass 600.
  • With this Australian visa subclass 600, the applicant can train or study for up to 3 months. if any applicant wants to study in Australia, a student visa is more suitable than the tourist visa subclass 600.
  • The applicant cannot allow working in Australia.

Eligibility criteria of the visa subclass 600

  • The applicant has to meet all the health and character requirements.
  • When the applicant stays in Australia must have enough money to support themselves.
  • The applicant needs to be a genuine visitor. Do those things which are allowed to the applicant by this visa subclass 600.
  • If the applicant is under 18 and the applicant has the best interests than the visa authority grant this visa.

For getting more adequate information regarding Australian visa subclass 600, it is better to communicate with the Immigration Agent Adelaide.

Stay time of the visa subclass 600

Australian visa subclass 600 is a type of temporary visa. The applicant can stay in Australia during that date which is mentioned on the visa. On the based of any emergency case, the visa authority can extend the validation date of the visa. The applicant grant this visa subclass 600 with multiple or one entries. When the visa is valid, the applicant re-enters visa as many times they want. The visitor can stay in Australia up to 12months of the period. The applicant presently holds a working holiday visa, visitor visa, holiday and working visa, bridging visa and if the authority grant all the visa, the meaning of this the applicant stays in Australia. They stay in Australia for more than 12 consecutive months. They need to show their exceptional circumstances. The applicant cannot stay in Australia by extending this visa subclass 600, they have to apply for another visa.

Apply the process of the visa subclass 600

The applicant can apply for this visa from within Australia and outside of Australia. When the applicant applies from Australia, in the time of decision making of the visa authority the applicant has to stay in Australia. When the applicant is in Australia, they must hold a substantive visa.

Processing time of the visa subclass 600

Processing time of the Australian visa subclass 600 is discussed below:

  • 75% of the application within 19 days.
  • 90% of the application within 23 days.

There are a few reasons when the application takes a longer process:

  • If the applicant does not fill correctly the application form.
  • If the applicant did not include all the documents which are needed.
  • When the authorities want more information from the applicant.

Cost of the visa subclass 600

The total cost of the visa application in Australia is AUD365 and from outside Australia is AUD145 for every applicant. The applicant must pay for police verification, biometrics, and checkup. Which application came from outside of Australia, this application case will be fast-tracking. In this fast-tracking case, extra charges are available and the cost is AUD1, 000.

Including family member

The applicant cannot include any family members in their visa application. Every family member has to make a separate visa application, including those family members who are listed on their visa.

Health insurance

When the applicant stays in Australia, the authority recommended the applicant to take health insurance for any type of unforeseen medical treatment. The applicant personally liable for all types of healthcare costs when the applicant in Australia. This health Insurance also can help limit the applicant’s financial liability.

Travel through the visa subclass 600

The applicant can travel outside of Australia and return to Australia as many times as they want. The applicant returns to Australia during that date which is specified on the visa.  If the visa is granted for one single entry, when the applicant leaves Australia, they cannot allow for re-entering.


With this visa subclass 600, the applicant can allow visiting Australia for seeing their family members or friends. They use this visa for tourism but the applicant can not allow doing any type of business activities. They up to stay in Australia for 12 months. This Australian visa subclass 600 digitally links with the applicant’s passport. The applicant will not get any label in their passport.