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A Guide to Buying Living Room Chairs

Living Room Chairs

Your living room is all about relaxing and being as comfortable as possible, and that feeling isn’t created all by itself – you need to pick the right pieces! To create a genuinely welcoming, cozy atmosphere, you need to be careful and selective with your furnishings. Whether you’re furnishing your entire home from scratch, or you’re only looking to add to your living room with some comfy chairs, this guide is for you! Here’s exactly what to consider and look for when you’re hunting for the perfect living room chairs


Measure your space

As with absolutely any furniture addition or purchase, you need to understand the area that you’re filling. Failure to do so only results in a waste of money and time, so get that measuring tape out! Measure the whole room and the area that you want your new chairs to reside and keep those numbers with you every step of the way. This is even more essential when you’re shopping online, always look at the specifications in the product descriptions. 

Look at your floor plan

A floor plan is essential, whether you already have furniture in that space or not. Sketch out your desired or pre-existing floor plan on some paper or use a nifty planning app to see where your chairs are going to fit best. Always watch out for clear walkways and make sure that there will be a comfortable distance between your chairs and your sofas.

Buy to scale

You need to buy your chairs on the best scale of your living room, so they don’t look odd. A big living room requires larger furniture, just as a compact space calls for smaller chairs. If you already have a sofa, you also need to consider the size of this about your new purchase. Tiny chairs next to a large couch? It’s going to look wrong. Keep scaling to avoid going wrong.


Everyone’s home has a custom, even if you don’t think it does! Choosing a style for your new living room chairs should be relatively easy, just have a good look at the furniture and color scheme you already have to make a seamless decision! If you want to switch up the room a little, it’s super easy to add a fun pop of color with your chairs. For example, a place that’s all-white would look fantastic with the introduction of navy armchairs. If you have little ones running around, it’s best to stick to darker tones that don’t show wear and tear too much.

Another aspect that has to be considered id whether the living room chair will look great with your sofa or the atmosphere of the room. If the setting of the room is in a natural style, but you choose a very bright color, then it will be a mismatch.

Consider your Budget

There are many places where you can not only get the best price; but also the style and design you want. If you have saved enough to purchase an expensive chair that suits the taste that depicts from other items in your home, but you can always buy a chair that has good quality and also under a reasonable price.


The upholstery is essential when you’re choosing chairs! If you select leather, this isn’t so much of a concern. Leather is excellent because it looks better with a bit of character, and it’s pretty stain resistant. Your other material options can include

Cotton: A beautiful natural fiber, the cloth is very soft and relatively easy to clean. It can be susceptible to fading in the sun, and it tends to wrinkle after extensive use.

Linen: Linen is a very luxurious material that’s perfect for furnishing a Hamptons style home. However, it does tend to wrinkle an awful lot, and it isn’t that easy to clean. This is best saved for formal chairs that don’t see that much use.

Microfibre: Ahh, stain resistance! Microfibre is resistant to so much and perfect if you have pets and young kids.

Polyester: Another durable fabric that won’t fade in the sun, wrinkle, or stain too easily. You have to watch out here, polyester can pile, and it heats up very quickly, which can impact comfort.

Wood: The fabric is not only material that you should consider to look into when you want to buy a living room chair. The wood that is used is also of importance because the wood from a weak or inappropriate tree will make the chair unsteady and frail. Always check the wood that has been used to make the chair or in-fact any furniture at all.

By considering the shape, style, and material very carefully, you can be sure to find the perfect chairs for your household! Get hunting for fabric chairs today!