Party Themes

A Look at the Most Brilliant Post-Covid Party Themes You Can Have for Your Event

Party Themes

In the midst of this global pandemic, we’ve all had to make certain changes in the way we do business – and in our lifestyles. These changes haven’t been entirely welcome, but we continue to do what we can and get through – and what better way to get through something like this than to plan a breakthrough event? Online events may be the thing now, but there will eventually come a time when we can all sit down together and celebrate, and if you, like everyone else, are looking forward to such a time, then you may already have some ideas on party themes. But if you want some additional inspiration, here’s a look at some of the most brilliant post-covid party themes you can have for your next event. 

A carnival party

Carnival party themes have been all the rage, but even more so now that everyone wants to go big and bold once lockdowns have been eased. Even if you can’t travel to your favorite carnival, you can create your own carnival – from Caribbean carnivals to Brazilian carnivals and Mardi Gras; you can go all out with your carnival party theme. To make it even more special, make use of bright bunting on the ceiling, and provide guests with props such as large feather boas, strings of beads, and over-the-top installations and entrances to create the perfect carnival vibe. Don’t forget the drums bands and the carnival floats, either. 

A music festival

Another all-out theme that’s certain to wow the crowd is a music festival, as confirmed by special events planners like As we all know, most of our beloved music festivals have been canceled, but it doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in your favorite music right in your own backyard or a venue that’s perfect for outdoor seating. A good music festival wouldn’t be complete without the bands, so look for bands in your community who can play some of your favorite tunes. You can even set up beer pavilions and tents (what’s a music festival without beer?) and set up the stage and a spacious dance floor. Decorate the venue with lights and bunting, make use of bean bags and pallet seats so everyone can get cozy, and party the night away with some excellent music. 

A summer festival

Yes, summer may still be a few months away, but who says you can’t already plan your summer event? What better way to celebrate the season than to have a summer festival, complete with glamping tents, balloons, and more? Summer festivals are a brilliant way to enjoy music and drinking and to make it even more memorable; you can set up a vintage bar serving flavored gin and cocktails. For more intimate settings, set up a canopy with foliage and plants, and don’t forget the stage for the band and bunting. Extra décor can include lights, outdoor furniture, and bright props and parasols.

An Arabian party night 

Arabian nights-themed parties are popular, and it gives a mixture of mystery and allure to any event. For this theme, you can set up Bedouin marquees and tents outdoors and decorate them with draping on the ceiling and low seats that can transform the space and make it more intimate. Warm lighting works best, and add street food stalls and small lounges for shisha for those who are keen.