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Air Cooler Vs. AC: Which One is Right for Your Home this Summer?

The temperature during the Indian summer months is increasing year after year. During peak months, it is even reaching up to 45 degrees and more. It is the period when your fan fails to work, and you want an appliance to keep cool. 

While it is most obvious to opt for a Godrej AC or any other one, not all have the affordability to do that. For such people, an air cooler is an affordable option to sleep comfortably and survive hot and humid Indian summer. 

On the other hand, an air cooler may not work at all if you live in a coastal area due to high moisture. Thus, which one is right between an air conditioner and an air cooler this summer? Read on and know more!

Air Coolers 

An air cooler is an affordable option, and its price in India starts at around Rs.5,000. The air that you get from an air cooler is fresh and pure as it pulls out outside air to cool your room.

Also, the operation cost of an air cooler is at least 30-50% less than an AC. Air cooler is also easy to install and get started. You can also take an air cooler from one place to another to enjoy the cool air as per your wish as it comes with wheel support. 

You can also add ice cubes in the water to experience super cool air when it’s too hot. Having a personal air cooler for a small room and a bigger one with large water capacity is an ideal choice for most of the Indian households.

However, while an air cooler is surely a nice option to beat the heat, it won’t work in coastal areas. It would also not work on days when there is too much humidity. Using an air cooler on such days and seaside areas will make the conditions even worse to handle the sweltering heat. 

Air Conditioners    

An AC or an air conditioner is an ultimate mode to keep cool without worrying about outside temperature and moisture or humidity level but very expensive. But you would need to cough up higher power bills to say cool using an AC. It also needs proper maintenance, and its air is also not pure as it makes inside air of a room to make it cool.

It may be easier for you to get addicted to an AC and tired as the air thrown by it is artificial. The only disadvantage of an AC is that you can be sure of getting a good night’s sleep irrespective of the external conditions. The starting price of an AC is around Rs.25,000 in India. 

The advantages and disadvantages of both an air cooler and an AC are enlisted. It is up to you to go for one as per your needs and budget. 

Best AC and air Cooler at a glance to buy in India 

Godrej 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC

  • Capacity – 1 Ton 
  • Power consumption – 955 W
  • Copper condenser for superior cooling with lower maintenance costs 
  • Auto-restart mode 
  • 3 Star BEE Ratings for energy savings up to 15%

This Godrej AC is available in India at around Rs.26,000. 

Crompton Ozone 75 DAC 751 Personal Air Cooler 

  • Capacity – 75 liters 
  • Power consumption – 950 W
  • Cooling area – 4200 square feet 
  • 3-speed settings to enjoy cooling as per your preferences 
  • Cooler type – Room/personal
  • Height – 20 centimeters 

The price of this Crompton air cooler in India is around Rs.11,500. 

Based on your needs and budget, it may now be easier to pick from these options and enjoy a comfortable summer ahead.