All You Need To Know About Student Visa 500

Student Visa 500

As an international student if shaping the future-ready talents or skills is the target then it is going to be the student visa 500 that is going to be guiding light. It is the only prerequisite that has come into effect from July 1, 2016.  The Government of Australia puts forward all the details about this visa through its Department of Home Affairs website. To mitigate any confusion arising going through the Australian Immigration website, it is better to consult the best Migration Agent Adelaide. This should be the initial step that has to be initiated to have a proper understanding and grip on the various aspects of this visa.

Objectives as a student:

After having a comprehensive view of this visa further steps are to be followed. Visa 500 enables students to confidently direct their future activities as an aspiring student with a dream of  Australian Study. Their main objectives as a visa 500 holder should be too –

  • Maintain the enrollment status
  • Show progress in the enrolled course
  • Attend the course to have enough attendance
  • Ensure that the educational institution has the Australian address
  • Collect and have enough financial support for the Australian stay
  • Oversee that at no point of time the working conditions in the visa is breached

An overview:

The specific points that should be observed by the applicant are –

  • The educational program is managed with visa 500
  • This student visa is a temporary one which extends up to 5 years
  •  Unless exempted, the applicant needs more than AUD 620
  • The applicant can study an eligible course and bring family members if needed
  • The application can be lodged from anywhere
  • The applicant must be above 6 years of age
  • Must be able to prove their possession of welfare arrangement
  • Must be an Overseas Health Cover (OSHC), a holder
  • If not, must come under the exemption category like –
  •  i) Belgian students as they have Reciprocal Health Care Agreement
  • ii) Swedish students if they have the National Board of Student Aid or by Kammarkollegiet. If not it is essential to obtain OSHC
  • iii) Norwegian students are under the umbrella of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme.

Selection of Migration agent:

Australia is bestowed with many top-class immigration agencies. Hence the selection of the migration agent should depend on the following checklist:

  • Relevant experience of the agent
  • Must have visa handling expertise
  • Must be able to offer solutions to complex issues or problems
  • Number of years spent in this business must be more as this is a measure of his success
  • Their respect for others’ time in extending the response
  • When consulting the client position of the applicant is not confirmed. Hence,
  • Better contact them over email and the response time they take can be a measure of their – i) sincerity ii) efficiency and iii)sense of time
  • Any deviation from parameters can be considered as a warning signal
  • Which don’t use sale consultants

             One must shy away from sales consultants for the following reasons:

  • It won’t be cost-effective as hidden costs in the form of the commission is always there
  • They may not be qualified
  • The information was given by them maybe – i)unreliable and ii)away from the truth as
  • They might put their interests above the clients’ interests
  • Registration Authority of the Agency

All migration agents in Australia must have done their registration with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). This rule was precisely put in place solely for

  • The protection of the applicant’s right
  • Ensure that the agent is a proper and fit person to take up the job and also
  • Know the immigration processes
  • Able to properly handle the monetary and unsatisfactory nature of any procedure

In this regard, their official website or any other relevant search engine will be of great help

Student visa Adelaide:

Migration Agent Adelaide website gives the impression that they are best suited to obtain Visa Subclass 500. It is comprehensible that they not only comply with the above-given points in the checklist but also more. They are better suited for consultancy for the following:

  • They have solutions for all categories of student visa
  • They provide all kinds of services for every  migration needs
  • Their range of service extends from career counseling to visa application management
  • They represent their clients with enthusiasm and intensity far beyond their job profile
  • They are well versed in the migration industry standards which are recent updates


To conclude, after the decision to study in Australia is taken, the selection of the agent is important. To be frank, along with the mentioned checklist it is prudent to inquire about – their fee structure which should be sensible. It should fall within the list average fee published by MARA. They must have the right attitude for the client to have a feel of comfort pervading the atmosphere.