Armenia, the Next Hiking Destination among the Worlds

Hiking Destination
Hiking Destination

Hiking in Armenia is the best idea when you’re creating an itinerary for your upcoming trip.

Although not a renowned hiking destination, Armenia slowly gains more and more popularity among those who like hiking and discovering new places. Even if surprised, you, most probably wonder, what are the best hiking trails in Armenia. If you prefer wild tourism over passive rest and nature over a hotel room, then this list is for you:

A variety of climatic zones distinguishes mountainous Armenia. Due to geographical area and elevations, the small location has both subtropical & continental climatic zones. While it is warm in the valley, a cold wind blows in the hills, and you must take into account the temperature modifications whilst planning the trip. The summer season in Armenia is hot and by and large sunny. The common temperature on the foothills is +26, in mountainous areas +22. Autumn in the location is velvety, the cold weather on the foothills starts, it does not last long, the normal temperature on the foothills is -5, in hill locations -14, but there can be sharp frosts up to -30. Keep in the idea that due to the geo-position of the united states of America (Lots of Armenia is at an altitude of more than 2000 meters above sea level), there can additionally be sudden temperature and strain changes.

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Hiking trails in Tavush province

Dilijan national park

First of all, Dilijan national park should be mentioned. Situated in Tavush Province and occupying 240 km² area, the park is one among four in Armenia. The Transcaucasian trail of 80 km allows travelers to discover the breathtaking nature of the region while being mostly focused on the mentioned park. Not only the trail is excellent for those who are already experienced in hiking and prefer wild conditions, but also for those who are beginners and have specific preferences related to the comfort of their hike. 

Lake Parz

Another hiking trail can be found in the same province, near Lake Parz. As a rather easy loop, it is convenient for those who prefer hiking with more comfort knowing that there is a restaurant nearby or a place to relax. If you are looking for something wilder, then you can consider the trail going from Haghartsin Monastery to the village Hovk. Again passing through Dilijan National Park, there are even dirt roads in this trail. 

Hiking trails in Syunik province

In another province- Syunik has located an easy hike trail to old Goris. From there you can enjoy the incredible view of the city of Goris. Being the second-largest city of Syunik, as well as its cultural center it is one of the most exciting and beautiful cities in Armenia. 

Wings of Tatev

Another beautiful trail in Syunik is the one from Tatev Monastery to Devil’s bridge. Not only the monastery itself is a very significant historical and cultural monument, but it is also surrounded by breathtaking nature. Also, the longest cable car in the world- “Wings of Tatev” is situated nearby. Leading to Devil’s bridge, the beginning of the trail will already be exciting. The Devil’s bridge, or as locals say “SataniKamurj,” is a natural bridge on the Vorotan River. The reason behind the bridge’s name is related to the sayings that many people died while swimming there. However, lately, the stunningly beautiful bridge has become one of the popular destinations for travelers. 

Hiking trails in other provinces

Geghama mountains

If you want to discover the trails in other areas and regions, then another famous destination to consider for hiking is Azhdahak- an extinct volcano located in the province of Gegharkunik. It is the highest spot of Geghama mountains with a height of almost 3400 meters. With medium difficulty, it is considered as a beautiful yet accessible spot. Therefore it is trendy among locals. 

Aragats mountain

For more experienced hikers, hiking to Mount Aragats might be of interest. The highest point in Armenia has appealed to many nature-lovers and those who are not afraid of new adventures. 4090 meters high, it is also the highest point of lesser Caucasus. According to tradition, it is named after Ara, the beautiful king. 

Though it is unexpected to experience hiking in Armenia, the country has all it takes to be the right spot for hiking lovers. With beautiful high mountains and breathtaking nature, it will soon become the next hiking destination among the worlds! 

Written by Amelia

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