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Art & Culture: Inspiring Indian Culture in Village Paintings

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An important part of Indian and world painting in various genres such as forest paintings, wildlife paintings, religious paintings, historical paintings, and romantic couple paintings, is based on nature-based paintings. This natural art and painting describe many things that share a large part of village life and its beauty. Mother Nature can enjoy her very innocent and unaltered state to the fullest.

Whether it is India or any additional country, the countryside and villages have their charm and beauty. The villages’ simplicity has attracted artists for centuries, thus making the village and village life an important type of painting.

The artist has supported various appearances of villages around the world. Sometimes hot, sunny, and drylands show helpless and awkward conditions; on the other hand, paintings depicting the ripening season give us a different perspective.

Famous Indian Village paintings mainly show the lush green character. Indian artists have done great work in this type of art. Almost all artists show at least one painting showing ripe rice or mustard lands. These paintings are very realistic; it feels like a photo taken in villages like Bengal and Punjab.

Another popular Indian village life art is paintings of villages painted to show the rainy season. This is often a common scene in our villages when the farmer runs in the rain with bullock carts in the field, or the farmer’s wife sows the seeds. These basics of village life are often precisely drawn, which gives the viewer a realistic impression.

These feelings are similar all over the world. Artists from tropical countries draw pictures of their villages and present the local people’s various activities and livelihoods. For countries experiencing snowfall, snow-covered village films are the most popular genre. These pictures are so elegantly drawn and colorful that some of them will really cut the viewer’s spine.

Another crucial aspect of village pictures is the use of different types of colors and textures. Villages are an artist’s paradise. An artist can usually choose colors of different shades to paint a picture of a village. The color of Thai nature gives artists this freedom. Thus numerous oil paintings, watercolor paintings, and acrylic paintings of village life and livelihoods are found.

Apart from these regular patterns, in the old day’s villages were an object for painting. Traditional Indian paintings contain the largest collection of such paintings. Painters of traditional art styles such as Tanjore painting, Madhubani paintings, and Calicut painting used the villages and their way of life as their source of inspiration.

Even today, young and established artists use the art of village life as one of their main art forms.

Miniature painting in Rajasthan is an old art form known for its intricate painting and rich colors. The earliest evidence of this art form is in the form of examples of old Buddhist texts, which were executed by the Balas of northern India.

The 16th-century painting was presented to the rulers by their party as a symbol of a significant event. These were collected by the rulers and displayed in their courts.

Traditionally, Indian paintings depict royal families and their portraits, their various hunting trips, and significant events and celebrations. These paintings were also used to illustrate many manuscripts.

 During the Mughal period, we can see Persian culture’s influences in the paintings, but the Indian influence was strengthened as the art form spread. This resulted in a different style of art, which is now found in miniature paintings of Rajasthan.


We cherish this love at our roots in Exhibit. We need to hold this art form alive for future generations. We understand that painting is always humorous and not protest or rebellion. Sometimes it’s a simplicity.

Simplicity can be got nowhere great, however the lap of the mother universe in our villages. We thus encourage all our artists to showcase their initial Village life arts throughout the website. We cater to our clients a wide collection of unique paintings on Village life tours for you to choose from.