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Asset Management Software – The Guardian Eye?

Technology is thriving, on demand, by each passing day and for all the right reasons. It has its roots engraved in every single industry; be it the health industry, or education, or corporate world, it is everywhere! This trend and popularity are absolutely justified because of its varied uses. IT is helping organizations in each sector to flourish and thrive to impactfully increase their reach. Leaving the generic level IT organizations, the group of organizations which are worth considering is –  companies which provide IT services like IT Desk Supports, Project Management, Onsite Support, etc. Any IT based organization has software and hardware as necessary assets because all the work they do solely depend on them. In spite of their importance, these software and hardware tend to get ignored in the sense that no proper system is in place to keep a track on them.  This mismanagement leads to a huge financial as well as asset loss. So the question which pops up is -”What should we do to effectively manage these assets?” The answer to this question is – IT Asset Management Software (ITAM).

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What is Asset Management in IT?

As already mentioned, all the elements of software and hardware in a business are counted as its assets. According to the International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM), IT Asset Management (ITAM) is “a set of business practices that incorporate IT assets across the business units within the organization. It joins the financial, inventory, contractual and risk management responsibilities to manage the overall lifecycle of these assets including tactical and strategic decision making”.  In simpler terms, Asset Management is done by keeping a track and maintaining a record of whereabouts of a company’s assets (software and hardware, namely). Generally, large-scale and even small-scale businesses, tend to ignore the importance of Asset Management and as a result, suffer financially without even noticing. Most of the times, Asset Management is labeled as a “waste of time” as more important tasks like product management, accounting, etc. sweep up and occupy the priority list. Now that we have an idea about Asset Management, the next question is – “How is Asset Management in IT done?” and “How can an Asset management company help your business?”. The most common and reliable answer is – “Asset Management Software”.

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 What is Asset Management Software?

Guardian Eye An Asset Management Software is an application that is solely dedicated to keep a track and maintain an inventory of all the hardware and software of a business. These Asset Management Software have information about the location, activity and health status, user information and such other necessary whereabouts about various software and hardware of your business.

The uses of this Asset Management Software are multi-directional.  Here are a few uses of Asset Management Software.

  1. Asset Management helps any business financially by eliminating or reusing underutilized systems (hardware) and software.
  2. Asset management helps you to truly relax and keep your mind at peace in relation to any misutilization or misuse of the company’s assets.
  3. It can be effectively used to dispose and recover misplaced assets.

Before the commencement of Asset Management Software, the inventory lists of assets were made, trivially, using tools like Excel Sheets, which were prone to errors and were not as useful as the now Asset Management Software. Asset Management in IT holds greater importance than it seems and your company has a list of priorities, preoccupied. The answer to this problem is- Outsourcing. If you are in New Jersey, an Asset Management company that can help you to keep a track of your company’s valuable assets at a decent price. Now that the importance of Asset Management is emphasized, go get the assets of your company managed, now!