Best Free SEO Tools To Monitor and Track Your Performance Metrics

Keeping a close eye on your site’s performance is very important if you’re striving to actually succeed on the Internet to any degree. And the surest way of doing so is monitoring your performance metrics. 

While they’re great for understanding how well you’re doing on the Web they’re even better at helping you see which areas of your site could use improvement. They can also reveal to you if your SEO or content strategies are working or not.

But how do you actually look at your metrics? Well, there are countless tools that can help you with that. So, I have prepared an entire list of the very best SEO tools just for you. And, most importantly, they are all absolutely free.

I’m not going to tire you with a lengthy intro anymore, so feel free to scroll down and take a closer look at those tools. 

Google Analytics

I simply couldn’t place any other tool as the opener of this list. I think Google Analytics more than deserves this spot because it’s usually the go-to tool for looking at your metrics. And that’s why because it is very functional and extremely easy to use.

To start with Google Analytics, all you have to do is create a free account and go through a quick verification process for your URL. After that’s done, you have access to tons of different metrics ranging from organic traffic to bounce rates along with everything in between and beyond. 

Google Search Console

Trust me, this is not a paid advertisement for Google. But those two tools are so essential to the entire search engine optimization process that I couldn’t ignore them.

Google Search Console gives you access to tons of different kinds of data, all of which can be used to improve your site’s SEO optimization. For example, you can find out which search queries your website is usually found by and implement corresponding keywords to boost traffic flow. It can even send you automatic E-mails about issues present on your site so you can get to fixing them as soon as possible.

Backlink Checker

Backlink Checker is the version of Ahrefs’s amazing tool. What it allows you to do is crawl through site’s and see all of the links pointing to them. Why is that helpful? Because, for example, if you find a dead link that’s pointing to an article on the same topic you usually write about, it’s pretty easy to snatch that link for yourself. Just e-mail the owner of the site with the dead link, inform them of it and offer them your content to replace it.

Keyword Explorer

As the name suggests, Keyword Explorer’s main goal is to make your keyword research process a little bit easier. With it you will be able to find the very best keywords to rank for in no time. It also lets you take a peek at which keywords your competition is ranking for, so if you notice them using higher-ranking keywords than you, it might be worth it to implement those into your site as well. 

It can even show you keyword opportunities. That means keywords that aren’t quite at the first spot for a given topic, but judging by their metrics development, they have all the potential to overtake the current #1 keyword. 

Its functionality is basically unrivaled and it stands as one of the best keyword rank trackers on the entire Web right now.


Although SEMrush is a paid tool, it features a free trial period which you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Besides, after you try it for free you will probably be good with spending money on this software since it just offers you so much functionality it’s well worth the price.

Boasting tons of different features ranging from technical SEO audits, backlink audits and rank tracking to anything in the realms of market research and even tracking the performance of your social media campaigns.

It also allows you to scan your competition and see literally all sorts of data that can be found, even including which keywords are being used for a paid advertising campaign. With a tool like SEMrush, optimizing your site for search engines will be a piece of cake. 

Local Search Results Checker

Search results vary drastically depending on the location you’re currently in. So, in order for you to better understand your visibility in certain areas, Local Search Results Checker allows you to emulate a search from any location in the world, in any language.

If you’re trying to boost your visibility in a certain country or even city, this tool will prove to be absolutely indispensable.

Link Miner

Link Miner is just a small Chrome extension, but you shouldn’t underestimate it judging by that fact alone. It lets you quickly scan pages for broken links and provides you with a set of the most basic metrics.

Although it’s functionality kind of limited, it is still great for quickly finding broken links by pressing a single button. Think of it as more of a time-saver.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog’s free trial version offers you way more than you would expect. You can crawl through up to 500 URLs before you have to pay any money and the tool provides you with tons of data ranging from technical SEO to duplicate content, broken links and much, much more.

It’s a generally well-rounded tool that offers you a lot of options while providing you with a somewhat limited but still very much functional free version. It works perfectly with both small and large websites and even allows you to see the results in real-time. 

Summing Up

So, that’s it for today’s list of free SEO tools (and some free versions of bigger, premium tools) to help you monitor your site’s (or maybe your competitor’s?) metrics. I hope you found this information useful and, as always, good luck with your SEO campaign! 

Shailendra Kumar is an experienced Financial Consultant and Tech Reviewer who has 6+ years of experience in the field of finance, business, and technology. He is very passionate to write about Finance, Business, Technology, Shopping, Fashion, Lifestyle, etc.