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Best Online Movies and TV shows websites Like Project Free TV

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Project Free TV is arguably the best Free Movies and TV shows website that ever existed. Because of its HD content and ease of access, it quickly became people’s number once choice for a Video Streaming website. It was so good that it immediately caught the eye of original content creators, and they have it banned because it was affecting their business. 

Although Project Free TV is not here anymore, there are plenty of other websites that offer the same level of services and features. 

Here are the best Project Free TV movies alternatives that you can use to watch your favorite films and tv shows online for free.    

●     5Movies 

5Movies is the simplest solution for a Project Free TV alternative website. This website has a neat user interface the allows you to navigate through all the sections of the site quickly. With this website, you get access to a massive collection of free movies and TV shows that you can watch in HD quality. 

●     FMovies 

FMovies is a lot like 5Movies but offers a higher level of ease of use. This website has a massive library of Movies and TV shows that you can watch for absolutely free. This website has one problem, there are a lot of ads while navigating the website and even when streaming online. But that issue goes away if you use an adblocker. Other than that, this website is pretty impressive in terms of streaming performance and the collection of video content that it has to offer.    

●     Flixter

Filxter is one of the most widely used Movies and TV shows streaming websites. The best thing about this website is its interactive user interface. Whether you are looking for a particular show or want to watch something random, this website has arranged everything properly so that you can make a choice right off the bat. There are no hidden fees or registration requirements, visit the website, and start watching your favorite films and television shows for free.     

●     TV Player 

TV Player allows you to watch shows from about 45 channels for free. This website has HD content that you can watch whenever you want. As far as the streaming quality is concerned, the performance of this website is second to none.   

●     Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix is one of the most popular Movies and TV shows streaming sites that you can find over the internet. This is quite a massive website with an extensive library of video content. You can watch movies, TV shows, Cartoons, Documentaries and so much more for absolutely free. The website design is quite impressive, as well. Its great navigation features and powerful search options make this website an excellent choice for a Project Free tv alternative.

These are just some of the websites that you can use in place of project free tv. There are many other solutions available that you can find over the internet, but these are the best ones that we could see as per user reviews and our very own experience. Visit these websites right now and watch your favorite movies and tv shows for free.