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Best Season For A Trip To Kashmir: All Through The Year!

Known as the paradise of India or heaven on earth, Kashmir is a place with mesmerizing views, beautiful flora, and mind-blowing architecture. A homely and comfortable place to stay, it has numerous hotels and resorts to check-in. The main tourist attractions here are the gardens, lakes, temples, natural beauty, wildlife, art and culture, cuisines and a lot more.

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Weather conditions:

The weather in Kashmir during June, July, August, and September remains around 19 to 25 degrees Celsius. From October to February it goes from -2 to 12 degrees and from March till May it stays around 15 to 30 degrees.

The months from March to early May is the best time to spend your vacations in Kashmir as it marks the spring season there. The months from March to October is the time when the place is filled with flowers, fruits, and alpine meadows fragmenting the entire town. This is when Kashmir experiences three out of four seasons.

Kashmir in summer season (March to early May)

This season is for people who want to visit Srinagar for making the best out of sightseeing. There are no inconveniences to be faced during this time. The weather temperature remains between 15-30 degrees Celsius, and the sunrise makes it a good time to go for treks or long walks as the atmosphere is perfect.

Summers are one of the best times to visit Kashmir as the sun helps melt all the snow spread over the town and makes it a clear, beautiful valley for trekking. The places you must visit during this season are Srinagar, Gulmarg, and Pahalgam. The climates in these places are cool along with sun rays all around the place.

Kashmir in Winter Season (December to March)

If you want to experience a beautiful snowfall decorating the place all around, December to March i.e., the winter season is the best season to visit Kashmir. The place is famous for snowboarding, skiing and the views from the cable cars. The weather temperature of the place stays between -2 to 12 degrees Celsius during this season.

The month of October is when the snowfall begins, and it continues till February and January mark the coldest month. The coniferous trees covering the place gets decorated all over with snow and snowflakes. Chilly breeze runs around the place. If you visit Kashmir during this season, you can have fun with all the snow activities such as skiing, sledding, and heli-skiing. Gulmarg and Srinagar are the best places to visit during this season and also the Leh Ladakh. The weather is very cold and freezing there, so it is recommended to carry warm clothes.

Kashmir has numerous places to visit, such as the Dal lake and Amarnath temple. The place which attracts the tourists the most are the gardens there that we set up during the Mughal rule.

These gardens include Mughal architecture, art designs, flowers, and trees. The Gulmarg garden is a place full of tulip flowers, ski resorts, and quixotic ambiance.

Apart from the gardens, there are magnificent lakes, snow-filled mountains, and beautiful floating Shikaras and houseboats to experience too.

Kashmir is a heavenly place, with natural beauty and picturesque views with lots of fun to have. You can enjoy Shikara rides, river rafting, mountain biking and jeep safari to fishing, bird watching, horse riding, and motorbiking.

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