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Biometrics and Its Application In Age Verification

Age Verification

Age verification isn’t something new or revolutionary. Over the years, it has gained a lot of attention and is now getting popular with government and enterprises. In our everyday life, we encounter age verification daily whether it is just ticking a box when opening social media accounts or showing our ID when we buy age-restricted products.

Now with the growth of e-commerce, one can find everything online. Every brand and industry is now selling their products online, and these also include age-restricted industries. Since the internet is easily accessible, it becomes a piece of cake for minors to have access to age-restricted products. A number of products ranging from e-cigarettes, cannabis, alcohol to various adult-only subscriptions including magazines and content fall in the category of age-restricted products. In order to monitor the sales of these products, age verification is the key.

The legal repercussions of online platforms that sell age-restricted products and services without robust age verification systems in place can be severe and damaging to the business. According to the NHS survey of smoking, drinking and drug use among school children (11 to 15-year-olds) in England in 2016, 3 percent said they were regular smokers, 74 percent said they find it very hard to give up smoking and 6 percent said they were currently daily e-cigarette smokers.

Steps Unlikely to Fulfil Due-Diligence

Retailers should take proper measures to ensure the age of their customers. As mentioned above, instead of biometric measures for age verification services retailers go for inadequate ways to verify the ages of their consumers. Some of them include:

  • Relying on the buyer to confirm if they are of legal age
  • Asking only the date of birth at the time of purchase
  • Use of tick boxes to ask buyers to confirm they are of age
  • Use of an ‘accept’ statement for the purchaser to confirm that they have read the terms and conditions and are over the minimum age

Biometrics and Age Verification Solutions

Most of the businesses have put a pop-up window of some kind to ensure the ages of the people accessing their sites. This is hardly a security system because it is incredibly easy to bypass this age check just by ticking the box. Online retailers also assume that since credit cards arent given to minors, people buying stuff online cant is minors. This logic isn’t true since children can get access to credit cards of their parents or some other adults around them. Age verification through credit cards isn’t a dependable process so there comes a need for biometric age verification.

Biometrics as a way of age verification is quickly becoming mainstream. This is because biometrics provide better security, more accurate results and that too, at the convenience of the user. Age verification through biometrics can be done using facial recognition, identity verification, liveness detection, etc.

Liveness Detection and Age Verification       

Liveness detection plays a supplementary role in online age verification software. For businesses, this can ensure better customer experience and higher revenues. Strong age verification software that renders a smooth process to customers get better satisfaction rates, with revenue increasing by $6.52 per customer. An individual can use their digital identity to verify their age without having to reveal other sensitive details like their address.

Through the employment of liveness detection for age verification systems, customers can get access to the services or products more conveniently and easily. Customers don’t have to type out their personal information or endure several authentications across numerous platforms. One other advantage is that it helps mitigate fraud and identity theft.

Privacy Concerns

Even though biometrics provide an extra layer of security, it should be noted that biometrics doesn’t guarantee a hundred percent safety from hackers and fraudsters. No single identification method promises the technology that is beyond the reach of scammers. Through a combination of more than one verification services, risks of hacking are diminished. A combination of liveness detection, facial recognition, identity verification can be added to ensure that the information provided to the retailers online is secured and no one can access it.

Age verification software benefits both buyers and sellers. Businesses are able to verify the ages of their customers which makes the brands more reliable and conscientious. With facial recognition technology and other biometric tools, the online age verification system has become more accurate and savvier. Online age verification services can also help in relieving the concerns of parents regarding their children’s online activity. Also, it is surely in the interest of businesses to sustain a trustworthy image of their business and to make sure they are doing their duty towards minors.