Blood Tests That Can Detect the Major 8 Types Of Cancer

Blood Tests That Can Detect the Major 8 Types Of Cancer

Blood Tests

The major causes of death nowadays are cancer. The report from the WHO states that “cancers are one of the top ten leading causes of death globally.” Where a lot of people are already fighting with cancer, awareness is also increasing every day. More and more people are starting up with the campaigns of cancer awareness programs so that we can minimize the danger as much as possible. We should not ignore the basic and vital blood tests for our complete health. Look for cheap private blood tests in London in order to get the best deals on the complete blood test packages.

Some types of cancers can be detected earlier. Early detection will help the patient to fight with the disease and make it so weak that it has to leave the body. Cancers are formed when the cells divide themselves in an unnatural form until they get into the stage of a tumor. Once you form the tumor, it can draw all the blood supply to itself in order to get the nutrients from your blood. This way the tumor can live up to years in your body just with the blood supply. They can easily grow and live.

How the tumor is formed?

When the malignant cells break away and spread to other parts of the body, it is called metastasis. These broken cells then form tumors in the rest of the body. Once the tumor has taken a full-grown place in your body, the tumor then starts to fight with the other organs in order to get adequate nutrients. The other organs feel the pressure and eventually shut down their function. That’s the stage when people die in cancer.

 Metastasis happens at the end of the cancer stage. If the cancer is spreading fast in your body, the formation of the metastasis will then be increased. That’s why doctors recommend diagnosing cancer at its early stage. The earlier you catch it, the safer you will be. Tumors can be removed completely from your body through operations. A course of radiation or chemotherapy is done to kill off the excess formation of the cells in the body. These blood tests are also carried out in the cheap private blood tests in London.

Early detection of cancer

Cancer is such a disease that no one can predict it early or see any signs of it. It can stay in the body as long as it can without any symptoms. The time your body starts to give the signals, you will already reach the stage of growing cancer. You get the symptoms at your extreme stage. Symptoms like that of swollen lymph nodes, weight loss, lumps in the breast, blood in urine, etc.

Keeping the time of the symptoms, a comprehensive screening test of the cancerous cells is really important. Such screenings will let you know about the upcoming dangers way before your body realizes any type of symptoms.

Cancer screening is a MUST for people who have a family history of having the disease. Doctors give a schedule checkup for the patients who are in remission. Such patients need to get screened for a recurrence of the disease. The real trouble comes with people who don’t have any family history of getting the disease. With so many tests for cancer, making a decision for which type of cancer screening should be done, becomes a little bit of trouble.

We have been lucky enough in the sector of science and medicine that we can have eight types of cancers that can be detected through the screening. These eight types of cancers can be easily detected as they contain some types of markers that can highlight the fact that the person is suffering from the disease. Get in touch with the cheap blood test in London to get the biomarkers notified way before the disease gets worse. The markers are present in the bloodstream and will give a quick hint on the presence of the cells.

One sample of blood tests can be enough to get all the 8 tests done.

How the test helps in knowing the markings

The malignant cells are brought about by the mutated DNA. parts of such DNA and some proteins are released into the bloodstream as the tumors start to grow. The tumor releases some of the proteins that include antigens. From the blood sample, 16 gene mutations and a number of proteins related to cancer are now identified. All these proteins actually carry different types of cancer.

Blood tests can also detect circulating tumor cells (CTCs) which are another indicator of malignant cells in the body. Since the blood contains the cells, such information can trace back the actual location of the tumor in the body.

These types of cancers can be detected using a blood test

These eight types of cancers contain the protein markers that can be easily detected through a blood test.

Lung cancer:

The process of detecting lung cancer in the bloodstream needs to be the identification of the two protein biomarkers. The proteins presented in the cells are LG3BP and C163A. When the patient is detected with cancer or some sort of an indication, the patient is further put to tests that are followed up with a chest x-ray. The x-ray looks for nodules in the lungs. When such protein biomarkers are found in the higher percentage, it is proved to be 98% accurate at diagnosing lung cancer. Lung cancer can be easily reported on the same day through the cheap blood test in London.

Breast cancer:

CA 15.3, TRU-QUANT, and CA 27.29 are the biomarkers that can detect the presence of the proteins in the cells. If the markers are found in the blood, some other tests are needed to be done in order to be confirmed about the malignant breast tumor. Further,  these tests are necessary in order to have a clear idea about the treatment that the patient has undergone. These tests are also helpful in knowing if cancer has recurred.

Colorectal cancer:

The indicator of Colorectal cancer is the Carcinoembryonic antigen or CEA. the Malignant cells in the colon release the antigen into the bloodstream. How far is the patient progressing with the treatment is monitored based on the CEA levels in the blood? If the levels increase in the blood, this could mean it is time to change the treatment. If the patient is suspected to have Colorectal cancer, he is required to do a colonoscopy and remove any polyps that might be found.

Liver cancer:

The biomarker for liver cancer is Protein alpha-fetoprotein (AFP). if the AFP levels increase in your bloodstream, you might need to do some more tests after a couple of weeks. An increase in the concentration means a strong indicator of HCC or Hepatocellular carcinoma.

If the levels of AFP are monitored, it can reduce the risk for HCC which further helps in controlling the formation of cancer. Don’t ignore the basic tests for the detection of the cancer cells. Get in touch with a cheap blood test in London and get your blood test done at cheap rates.

Stomach cancer:

Stomach cancer has three biomarkers to look for. These include CEA, Cancer Antigen (CA) 19.9, and CA 72.4. Stomach cancer is also called as gastrointestinal cancer. The blood tests can detect Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) which diagnose gastrointestinal cancer.

If the tests turn out to be positive and it is proved that you have biomarkers for gastrointestinal cancer then further tests are done to see any malignant tumor in the GI tract.

Ovarian cancer:

CA125 is the biomarker in the blood. This biomarker helps in diagnosing cancer early. Ovarian cancer can be treated and many women have even successfully fought with the disease. If the woman is found with higher levels of CA125, then it means that she is 100% suffering from the disease. During such times, some more tests are needed to be done.

Pancreatic cancer:

We can’t share good news regarding a disease. But for this particular disease, we can say that we have good news for it. The early detection of this disease can save your life. Patients have been highly benefited from early detection and treatments. The symptoms include diabetes, loss of appetite and weight loss. When you have such symptoms, you need to immediately go for some more screenings. The higher levels of CEA and CA19.9 could be alarming.

Esophageal cancer:

An endoscopy is done to detect the presence of cancer. One more way to detect the disease is to take a tissue sample of the tumor to do a biopsy. The biomarkers for this cancer are tumor-associated antigen (TAA), immunohistochemical (IHC) biomarkers or m-RNA-based biomarkers.

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