Cell Phone Tracker Apps

Top 7 Cell Phone Tracker Apps to Secretly Know the GPS Location

Mobile phones have become indispensable for everyone. We carry them everywhere we go. Unluckily, the prevalence of mobiles has given rise to crimes like cyberbullying, hacking and stealing. To combat cyber-crime is... Read more »
Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition: Maintaining the Integrity of Online Education

Biometrics are no longer limited to attendance or smartphone screen locks. Various sectors are implementing biometrics as a means of authentication. According to the chief executive of Biometric Institute, Isabelle Moeller: “Sectors... Read more »
Web Design Mistakes

Web Design Mistakes that can Cost your SEO

When we design a website, we shouldn’t only keep the audience in mind but also the SEO factors that can hurt our design. Since the website is the key to win your... Read more »
Wi-Fi Running Faster

3 Easy & Effective Ways to Get Your Wi-Fi Running Faster

There are different things that can enrage a perfectly level-headed person as much as sluggish internet. The little buffering symbol might create sudden sessions of rage. A creeping webpage might make you feel... Read more »
Laptop Maintenance Tips

7 Laptop Maintenance Tips for Longer Device Life

Carrying a laptop is more suitable for most working people than being tied to a table with a non-portable computer. But similar to any other devices, the Laptops are victims of the... Read more »
Automation Testing

Why Automation Testing is preferred in IT Companies?

Traditionally, once software engineers develop a software application it is sent to the tester. Then the tester tests it, this can also be done by an end-user of the application. But a... Read more »
WooCommerce Stores

How can I Manage Inventory for WooCommerce Stores | Solution

WooCommerce is an open-source and free plugin for WordPress which is used to make a regular website to an eCommerce portal. Through this plugin, you can build your business website and allow... Read more »
Age Verification

Biometrics and Its Application In Age Verification

Age verification isn’t something new or revolutionary. Over the years, it has gained a lot of attention and is now getting popular with government and enterprises. In our everyday life, we encounter... Read more »